09.10.22 Today is the happy day of MAYA, who arrived in her new home in Germany. She was adopted together with another of our Homeless Angels – SAMI We are extremely grateful to Myriam – their adoptive mother, who opened her home and heart to the two girls. They went through a lot of hard times, they waited so long… The life that every living being deserves. Care and Love ❤️

Recall the history of MAYA↓

  • Name: Maya
  • Age : about 1.5 years
  • Size: Medium, weighs 17kg
  • Vaccinations, castration, passport: Yes
  • Character: Kind, good, shy with new people. Of course with other animals and children. It can make a wonderful companion and loving pet.
  • Medical condition: Maya was admitted to us in severe general condition, weak and emaciated. He underwent antibiotic treatment for ehrlichiosis (tick-borne disease) and inflammation of the chest.
  • Is Maya right for you? Maya is very shy, gentle and quiet. Even after months in a foster home, she feels threatened in the presence of strangers. He loves the routine, the familiar face, strictly adheres to his habits. She gets very stressed when she changes her habitat or changes the person who takes care of her. Does not make contact with anyone. He can walk calmly on occasion and travel calmly in a car. It is suitable for people with an apartment or a house. You also need a person or family who lead a peaceful lifestyle. People with a lot of patience and free time. Even after he likes you, it will be a long time before he trusts you and becomes your dog. It will take a lot of love, calm and persistence with her.
  • The Story: Maya is our tormented young mother to the 6 babies we rescued at Christmas.
  • If you are the Person for Maya, fill out a prospective adopter questionnaire↓