Spay and Return is a campaign by Stray Angels that encourages citizens to contribute to tackling the problem of stray cats and their growing numbers. By neutering we can control the population of stray cats and ensure a better future for them.

Why is it important to neuter stray cats?

Did you know that a cat can get pregnant in its first year and give birth up to 5 times in a year? Do you know how many kittens are born? Most often, the number of newborn kittens from the mother is between 4 and 6. This makes it possible for one cat to give birth to an average of about 20 kittens a year. Now let’s multiply this number by the number of all stray cats, for which there are no official data, but they are more than a lot. Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

Neutering is a humane and effective way to control the stray cat population. It reduces the number of unwanted kittens, which are often born in conditions of deprivation and disease, and in many cases meet their fate of being run over, poisoned or dumped in a container tied in a plastic bag

How can you help?

If you want to help, you can organize castration for the cats living in your area. We know that many of you are involved in feeding and caring for the kitties that live around your homes. Castration is the way animals will feel better and be healthier. How exactly you can do it:

  • Contact a vetted and trusted local veterinary clinic that offers neutering services and schedule a convenient appointment.
  • Capture the cat in a humane way and take it to the clinic. Some clinics offer a trap for rent with a deposit returned after the trap is returned.
  • Often the price includes a one-day stay under medical supervision – ask about that as well. After completing the procedure and making sure that the animal is okay, you can pick it up and return it to the exact same place you caught it.

If you are unable to get involved in this way, you can donate to the campaign. All donations are used for missions we carry out and include:

  • Transporting the cat to the veterinary clinic and back
  • Castration and medical care