The campaign is to help elderly people in need who live in remote or deserted villages and are unable to take any care of the animals, except to feed them with what they have (bread and bran). In such type of settlements, most of the animals are boasted and retarded. The survivors breed, starve, get sick, die, and the people there are exhausted and unable to help them. The animals are gradually transported to Sofia and we provide them with first aid. We do not have the capacity and resources to house everyone. There are almost no adoptions, and for that, we return them to the people who care for them in some way: cured, neutered and vaccinated. We buy them food and ask for the best possible care until a willing adopter comes along.

Join the campaign by donating to:

  • Medical care: tests, treatment, medication
  • Food
  • Internal/external deworming
  • Castration
  • Stay in a clinic
  • Vaccines
  • Transportation



See here: ⏯ VIDEO of the campaign