09.10.22 Today is the happy day of Sami, who arrived in her new home in Germany. She was adopted together with our other Homeless Angel – MAYA. We are extremely grateful to Myriam – their adoptive mother, who opened her home and heart to the two girls. They went through a lot of hard times, they waited so long… The life that every living being deserves. Care and Love ❤️

Recall the story of Sami↓

  • Name: Sammy
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed : Mix
  • Age: ~ 5 years
  • Size: large, weighs 25 kg
  • Passport, passport, chip: Yes
  • Castration : Yes
  • Medical condition: Healthy. She was admitted with severe trauma from a trap that tore her cheek, lower jaw, part of her nose and tongue. Operated. Restored.
  • Character: Social, very kind and calm. Goes on occasion, travels well in a car. No problems with other animals. He has established hygiene habits.
  • Is Sammy right for you? She would feel better in a house with a yard. She could also live in an apartment, with people who have enough time to walk her. Big in appearance, but very calm. Adapts quickly. Social. She is not conflicted, on the contrary – she always plays the role of a peacemaker. He quickly gets used to changes in the environment, travel and new people. Loves children. Quick to pick up and easy to learn. New owners can be people with both a more dynamic and a more relaxed lifestyle. Sami is a wonderful companion with a balanced character, in which everything is precisely measured. Sami is a dog with a huge heart. Emotional and loving, full of kindness and gratitude.
  • The story : 12.03.2022 Watch a video of how she was found: Video
    Caught in a poaching trap, he tore his cheek, lower jaw, part of his nose and tongue.
    The boys who found her asked us for help and told the sad story of this suffering girl… Only 2 years old, abandoned by the owners because they went abroad. Although she is very good and social, she was unwanted by the people around her, and they tried to get rid of her in the most cruel way.


15.03.2022 . Sami is fine after the blood transfusion. Today he went for a little walk, he peed. For the first time, he ate a little. If he eats every day, within a few days the doctors will remove the tube. At least 2 more anesthetics and two revisions are to come. Fabrics will be gathered, closed, sewn. There is still an infection in the mouth, saliva and digestive enzymes prevent the tissues from healing more quickly. The next week, Sammy leaves the clinic and has nowhere to go. It does not need any specific care. She is very calm and kind. We are looking for a foster home urgently, at least for about a month.

13.03.2022 Sammy’s surgery just finished. Bullet fragments, pieces of bone, pieces of necrotic tissue were removed. All tears are stitched. The doctors have literally built the muzzle and it already has a shape. So far everything is fine, but Sami is weak and her blood counts are not normal. She needs a blood transfusion.

12.03.2022 The beginning: Sami was admitted for treatment in a clinic. The result after a medical examination: In addition to the torn mouth, an old gunshot wound was also found. The damage is: Part of the face, part of the upper jaw bone, part of the lower jaw and part of the tongue are missing. There is necrosis and major infection. She seems to have stayed that way for some time. The dog is in great pain. She hasn’t eaten in a long time. An esophageal tube was placed. A very long struggle is ahead, operative interventions, removal of parts of the necrotic tissues, cleaning. If he is lucky and with dedicated and professional care, he will be able to eat and lead a full life. But there are many “buts” along the way, and she will need the support of all of us.