• Name : Lisko
  • Gender: male
  • Breed : Mix
  • Age: about 3 years
  • Size: 15 kg
  • Passport, passport, chip : yes
  • Castration: yes
  • Medical condition : Healthy.
  • Character: Lisco was a victim of inhumane treatment. Due to the stress experienced, Lisco is not a dog that appeals to every person. You can read the story at the bottom of the page.
  • Am I right for you ? Lisco needs time and patience to trust you. After the experience, Lisco quickly got used to his foster owners. He is calm, extremely good, learned to walk on occasion, travels calmly in a car, has hygienic habits. He knows the command “no” well. He is an easy dog ​​to train once you have earned his trust. You can’t pet him on the first date, or hug him right away to please him. He will observe and get to know you from a distance, and when he feels safe, he will approach himself or simply allow you to approach. He is often frightened by sharp gestures, high pitch, sudden noises. Reacts to people running, people or children on scooters and cyclists. His first reaction is to swoop down on them to bite. He reacts in the same way when a stranger or another animal approaches his person. He feels jealous and afraid of losing the attention he never had. It’s a backlash. When working with it, these reactions subside, but it must be under constant control to be effective. Definitely a “traditionalist” dog. You create habits for him, he is very smart, he perceives and learns everything quickly and so he is calmer. He needs long, nice walks to get used to his social surroundings, people and animals. The future adopters of Lisco must have experience in raising animals, have patience, a necessary approach, provide him with personal space and let him adapt calmly.
    Lisco is attached to one person, but loves family coziness, feels every minute of attention and gratefully reciprocates with love, which he is ready to give to his people. Lisco is suitable for growing at home, an apartment or a house with a yard.
    Loves children. He hates cats. He is not used to much noise, many people, very frequent changes in the environment, large companies. He needs a lot of walks and a calm environment. He has hygienic habits, walks quite calmly on occasion, listens a lot, is used to traveling in a car. Moderately social and meek.
    He definitely has to like his owner, he is not a dog that would live with anyone. When you like him – he adapts relatively quickly.
  • Watch a video of Lisko’s participation in the “Time for Hope” campaign on Nova TV here: VIDEO
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Lisco found his home! ♥

A wonderful family opened their home to him. After many months our boy came across people with hearts as big as his. People who read his eyes, people who liked him, fought for him, accepted him, loved him and he stayed with them. Lisco finally feels loved, calm and protected. Be happy boy! 🐾

The story: 28.04.2022 Lisko is a victim of inhumane treatment.

Lisco lived a whole year under a pine forest, weak and asocial, or rather frightened by human cruelty. Frightened to the point that even food is no reason to come out of hiding. He refused to eat and ran away when a person or other animal tried to approach him.

After a while, Lisco went down to a nearby village along with another dog and remained on the streets. And here is another collision of Lisco with the harsh reality of street life. Our team received a signal several times from our volunteer, to whom they made personal threats about Lisko – that he would be shot at the first opportunity, and the “man” who uttered these words certainly had a weapon. The situation gets to the point that when our colleague is not at the place, a neighbor witnesses how the ill-wishers throw a bomb at him, and he just stands meekly in front of a house.

It is not difficult to imagine the trauma such an experience can inflict. Lisco is now far from this horror. We took him in to save his life, but after this unfortunate incident, Lisco became afraid of everything and everyone. He barks when he sees a car (the bomb was dropped on him by a moving car), and sometimes even throws himself in an attempt to protect himself. A specialist works with him and in a short period of time, Lisco shows serious progress. Taught to walk on occasion, with hygienic habits, even rides in a car (despite his fear) and is increasingly calm.

Lisko does not show any aggression, never bares his teeth, does not confront other dogs, he only needs love. The first night safely tucked away, he doesn’t go near his water and food bowls, but just falls asleep – calm that he is now in a good place.