Help one of our Angels to be seen in their truest and most beautiful essence by more people, so that they can find their Adopter faster. You don’t have to have a lot of followers. It is important that you love animals, have the desire and devote some of your time to the cause (at least a few days in a row) to get to know each other. The goal is to use your skills to show everyone how real stray animals are and how good life is with an adopted friend. If we succeed together, through the content and posts you create, to find an Adopter, you will have the opportunity to participate directly in the Adoption Procedure , which is a very important part of the process. As a sign of gratitude, you will be issued with a certificate for being an Influencer of Homeless Angel.♥️

Why is this important?

The aim is to show the character, behavior and daily life of the animal through videos, photos and content in social networks. The Influencer’s help will be key in finding an adopter.

How can you do it?

– By visiting the animal at the hotel where it is located and documenting the time spent with him/her.

– It is a great advantage if you temporarily accept one of our homeless people in your home and share the moments spent together. In this case, the candidate Influencers will also be foster parents – that is, a foster home, which will be an invaluable support for us. For a foster home, you must be over 18 years old and have good experience in raising and caring for animals.

More about the Angelche Influencer idea:

– Good experience in creating instagram and facebook content is required.

– Content is published/shared for the purpose of Adoption, with a mandatory organization profile tag.

– All questions/dms about the animal are redirected to the association profile. Adoption is carried out by procedure and with a coordinator from SA.

– Coordination/recommendations from the Organization on the content of publication text, according to the needs of the particular animal.

If you like the idea, choose one of Our Little Angels and share your unforgettable emotions and adventures!

We are expecting you!

DM us on Instagram or email: [email protected]