• Name: Vision
  • Gender: male
  • Breed: Pinscher
  • Age: ~ 10-13 years
  • Size: 8kg
  • Castration: No
  • Medical condition: Blind. After the eye examination, retinal degeneration is stopped (this disease has developed over time and unfortunately he will not be able to see). Positive test for corona virus and giardia. The tick-borne disease test is positive for anaplasma. He was placed in the infectious disease department of the Central Medical Center – Sofia. He eats with great appetite from his hand, although he cannot see his food.
  • The story : Abandoned in front of a municipal shelter. Another poor creature abandoned due to health problems and victim of irresponsible breeding.
  • He needs treatment support and specialized care


Our blind boy-Vision is already in his new home in Germany:) He will live together with another friend who is also blind. Vision adapts very quickly, eats good food, has a bed in a warm and cozy home and receives the loving care he needs. We are happy❣️ Thank you to everyone who helped him❤️🙏