Hop is a special needs puppy who cannot walk on all four legs. Despite all the bad predictions, happiness smiled on Hopi and he found his adoptive parents! The truth is that the adoptive parents themselves, Maria and Kiril, are directly familiar with and related to such a situation, due to the inability of Kiril to be able to walk. They saw Hopi and took to heart his plight and decided to give him all the love in the world…until he was due.. This is an amazing example of how disadvantaged young people opened their hearts and homes to the immovable Hopi regardless of the demands , which are necessary for his upbringing, as well as for his unclear fate and longevity… Bow!

HOPI is getting all the Love from his family and we will continue to support them so that he can get the best quality care that is key to his condition. All costs for food, supplements, supplies, follow-up medical examinations and possible treatment will be covered by Stray Angels Donors. Hopi now has his own Instagram account: @hopi.strayangels, where you can follow his life and infect you with a smile every day, because he… really smiles now.

  • Name: HOPi
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed : Mix
  • Age: ~ 6 months
  • Size: 7kg
  • Medical condition: The puppy has immobile limbs. A neurological examination reveals changes in the position of the limbs (which may be due to a genetic abnormality). Hopi was treated at the Center for Medical Education in Sofia, where he spent 2 months. Passed treatment for coronavirus and giardia and Ghana.
  • History : 18.05.2023 Video 3-month-old baby unable to move with unclear medical problem. Another poor creature abandoned due to health problems and a victim of irresponsible breeding and breeding. We named him Hop (with the hope that he will jump on all fours). We are updating the information in chronological order below↓

UPDATE: 29.07.2023

Dear friends,
The touching story of Hopi continues to shake us with emotions!
Watch in the central broadcast of Nova TV a report with the story of Hopi and his amazing people who opened their home and heart to him.
None of this would be a reality without your unreserved support! 💕🙏
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

UPDATE: 11.07.2023

Dear friends,
We would like to share with you a wonderful news that we consider a real miracle and it is because of these miracles that we do not give up our cause to fight for even the most impossible cases with small animals!
You all still remember and get excited about our Hopi mascot, right?
Introducing the smiling and truly loved Hoppy to his new family/foster parents who, hours after our last post, wrote and called aggressively to give their huge request and desire to raise our sweet boy with all their love regardless of his diagnosis. The truth is that Maria and Cyril themselves are directly familiar with and connected to such a situation, due to Cyril’s inability to walk. They see Hopi and take his plight to heart and decide to give him all the love in the world…until he’s due..
This is an amazing example of how disadvantaged young people opened their hearts and homes to the immovable Hopi, regardless of the demands of his upbringing, as well as his uncertain fate and longevity… Kudos!
We, together with Hopi’s new parents, will not give up looking for solutions even for a minimal chance of movement – we will continue to look for options for rehabilitation, strengthening the muscular system and tendons, feeding high-quality food with the necessary supplements, examinations with neurologists and rehabilitators – for this purpose we will be grateful if you continue to support our boy and very soon we will delight you with another MIRACLE!
Hopi now has his own Instagram account: @hopi.strayangels where you can follow his life and infect you with a smile every day because he…really smiles now
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the wonderful Maria and Kiril and to all of you who are always by our side in our fight for justice! Together we will make the world a happier and more meaningful place to live in and believe that miracles really do exist!

UPDATE: 07/03/2023

Friends, IOP will not pass and will remain disabled. There are no words to describe the feeling of anguish and helplessness.
We know you will write to us now, ask for more opinions more tests… We have done everything we can, we have exhausted all options… Doctors are telling us that even if the cause of this condition is found and there is a diagnosis… it will not change nothing because there is no cure. Rehabilitation too. The prognosis of all doctors is an incomplete life, and considering the quality of life, a responsible decision must be made about its fate. Hoppy is only 4-5 months old, a growing dog and his condition will deteriorate…. And HOPi who has been in a foster home for a few days now and you can see the difference and happiness in his eyes when he is well cared for and loved! Once again we prove to ourselves how important personal care and love is! He is currently in thriving health, vitality and zest for life, and despite all doctors’ recommendations that euthanasia is the only solution for him, we will not give up on giving him a quality life, however much he is given! If you also want to help, SEE HOW YOU CAN HELP HOP:

  • URGENTLY WANTED, THE MAN who would open his heart to this incredibly kind creature, who would take care of him in his condition. Although COPD appears to be a severe case, its care is not overwhelming, but rather requires dedication, high hygiene and more frequent stay at home. The care routine for him looks like this:
    * Morning toilet and feeding – washing with water at the sink, changing diapers and breakfast
    * Taking the stroller outside to spend time in the sun, air and grass
    * Evening dressing and dinner + second walk (if possible)
    * The most important is high hygiene, frequent diaper changes and almost constant presence/attention (not to be left alone for more than 3-4 hours a day).
    Hopi is extremely gentle, he doesn’t bark, he doesn’t cry and he stays quietly in his crib all day. The car drives without a problem. He enjoys all the attention and play and is not annoying in any way.
  • WE ASK each of you who recognizes yourself as the Person who would give HOP a chance for a full and happy life to contact us on the indicated phones, where we can provide complete information about the necessary care and his condition.
    It is recommended to have experience in raising dogs or people with disabilities.
    We ASK for contact with people who will be committed to this case and are fully aware of the responsibility they would be taking on.
    With great hope, we believe that we will find his Man, who will warm his already suffering heart and bestow it with unconditional care and love
  • WRITE US at email: [email protected]


Hopi left the clinic today and is going home with his foster mother Bianca… We share with you this very emotional moment and hope for a Miracle.. Live VIDEO of Hopi’s discharge


Hopi recovered from Ghana and is now negative. Doctors still can’t figure out why he can’t move his legs. They say it could be a genetic or congenital malformation and many more assumptions, but unfortunately for now there is no result and no option for treatment… Another examination (MRI) is coming up on July 7th, we hope for more clarity. Unfortunately, no one gives a good prognosis…And Hoppy has been standing in the cage for over a month, motionless….she looks with her big eyes at everyone who pet her and wags her tail in joy with hope…We dream of finding a Human, who will give it to her! To caress her, take her out to lie down on soft grass, see the sun and feel the warmth of home comfort…


🙏HOP’s life depends on human care.🥹This puppy has so much strength and zest for life! She is happy, she is eating and defecating normally, but she can’t move… Her legs won’t move… Even if there is a chance for treatment, it will be a long period in which she will need constant care and love . WE ARE LOOKING FOR A PERSON for foster care! The even more difficult part is that this person should not have any animals :(…. Please support! This is what the doctors say: In the coming days, Hopi felt fine. No deterioration in the neurological clinic. He continues to eat a huge appetite and to please the doctors. The Ghana test was repeated and currently Hopi does not emit the virus. Ghana is a virus that can subsequently affect all systems of the body. Depending on the localization of the virus, intestinal, pulmonary, dermatological and nervous form of the disease. Some dogs like Hopi manage to overcome the acute form, but then they must be monitored very carefully for consequences on other organs and systems. This disease can be accompanied by diarrhea (poor digestion), enteritis (inflammation of the intestines), encephalitis (inflammation of the brain), pneumonia (inflammation of the lungs). Hopi will remain symptomatic and monitored. He will be best at home and in a quiet environment, so that he can feel complete. It is recommended that it be in a place without other dogs (animals that have been sick and fighting with the gannet can periodically radiate the virus and the radiation can last for more than 6 months). In addition, the source of infection can be objects of care, feeding, bedding and a room where sick animals are a mechanical carrier, so good hygiene must be maintained in the place where Hopi is located (this is also necessary due to the fact, that she cannot move and move on her own).The effects on Hopi’s legs may be due to the insidious disease Ghana, but an orthopedist’s evaluation and the creation of a plan for possible treatment are pending. However, it is worth the risk that Hopi’s legs will not be able to recover even after operations and that it will be necessary to resort to euthanasia.


” The test for the infectious disease Ghana was repeated (this time the test was done from sterile urine). Unfortunately the test was positive and now Hopi has to deal with it.
Gana is an extremely severe viral disease that affects many organs and systems, but especially the nervous system. It can lead to convulsions, inability to swallow and eventually death.
Symptomatic therapy was initiated and hyperimmune sera (immunoglobulins) were administered to help the Hopi’s immune system fight the disease.
Unfortunately, however, the mortality rate of this serious disease is very high, as are its consequences on quality of life. In the next two or three days, it will be necessary to follow how the neurological clinic develops.
If it progresses, the difficult decision will have to be made – euthanasia.”
Dr. Chacheva CEC

One of the most difficult moments in our cause.. No one wants to face the moment when they have to decide whether to resort to euthanasia. This decision causes a hell of a lot of pain, and the difficulty of this situation is enormous. Anyone who has experienced it knows how hard it is to deal with the turmoil of emotions – from grief and helplessness to guilt and powerlessness. Every breath, every look of the puppy is imprinted in your heart and they pierce you deeply.
We have to deal not only with our emotions, but also with moral and ethical dilemmas.. We strive to protect and save the puppy’s life, but sometimes the reality of his illness or suffering can become unbearable. We are then faced with the impossible task of measuring the quality of life and making a decision that is best for the puppy.
If this decision is made, euthanasia should be accepted as the ultimate act of love and mercy. It’s a way of doing the puppy one last favor, like releasing it from suffering. At this point, we bear the burden of the decision, and despite our pain, we must do so with love and care.
It’s hard as hell… At these times, everyone needs the support of a friend. We are grateful to have you, Friends, to share both pain and joy…Now we ask you TOGETHER to pray