In the spirit of this bright holiday, we share with you the great news that baby Roy has been adopted! We wish countless happy moments to his family :) ♥️
The glow of Christmas shines with gratitude and love on all people and animals! Thank you to everyone who supports the homeless angels! Let’s together blossom the spirit of goodness and share warmth to make their world better! 🐾❤️
  • Name : Roy
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed : According to the veterinarians, a mix/shepherd/alabai
  • Age : ~4 months
  • Size : 9 kg at birth/ expected to be a large dog ~ 30-40 kg at maturity
  • Passport, vaccinations, chip : Vaccinations are in place. He has a passport. Chip – to come.
  • Castration : Coming when he reaches the required age.
  • Medical status : Healthy, negative 3D tests.
  • Personality: Very loving, energetic and playful.
  • Is Roy right for you? Roy is a baby and energetic dog who needs someone with dog training experience. We don’t know if he was domestic. He is still scared and constantly looking for human attention. His new owners must have the opportunity, enough time and patience for Roy to adapt to the social and home environment, to build habits. In case they do not have experience, it would be best to turn to a consultant to help with the training of the dog. Roy is suitable for people with an intense lifestyle who take him on long walks. He would do well in a house with a fenced yard where he can run free as he will become a large dog and needs to expend energy. Roy is extremely sensitive, so it’s important to receives the necessary attention and care according to his temperament. Very charming, handsome and loving, he will make a wonderful pet.
  • The story/06.11.23: Roy was found in front of the entrance of a cooperative in Krastova Vada district, Sofia. He was whimpering and scared, he was confused, he didn’t know where he was…probably abandoned. No one in the area knows him, has seen him, or is looking for him. No owner chip registered. He is housed in the Central Vet Clinic – Sofia.
  • We are looking for a home for Roy. If you would like to adopt or be a foster parent for Roy, please complete: prospective adopter questionnaire↓