Roxy before

30.12.2023 Happy day for Roxy! Do you remember Juliana and Kiril, who became the foster home of the three-legged and very kind Roxy? This Christmas Roxy got the best gift ever – her forever home with the two of them! Roxy gave us love, comfort and warmth! – they say in the company of their adopted Angel. We wish them many more happy Christmases together!
If you also want to become a foster home, adopt or support our activities, don’t hesitate!
  • Name : Roxy
  • Gender: female
  • Breed : Mix
  • Age : 10 years
  • Size : 12 kg
  • Passport, vaccines, chip: pending
  • Castration : Yes, with Ekoravanovesie brand
  • Medical condition : Current…He is on three legs, examinations and diagnostics are to come. Made for tests: for Ghana, quadruple and triple, blood count and biochemistry. Test positive for anaplasmosis. An ultrasound of the organs, an appointment with an orthopedist and an X-ray are to come.
  • Character: Social, very kind.
  • The story: 28.11.23 Roxy is a stray dog ​​found emaciated and very weak, limping on three legs.
  • Looking for a home and support for treatment.
  • If you would like to adopt Roxy, fill out the form prospective adopter questionnaire↓


Roxy needs treatment, but the good news is that some amazing people will be her foster parents and she won’t be living at the clinic during treatment! We cannot describe to you how invaluable this help is to any homeless person! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Kiril and Juliana, who so lovingly welcomed Roxy into their home! Let this story be an example and inspiration for more people to BE FOSTER PARENTS. See: VIDEO
Roxy’s treatment has begun. Receptionists and parents will take her to the clinic, further tests, ultrasound and diagnostics are to come. Orthopedic appointment for the sore leg… We will update when we have results.
Until then, we are relieved that Roxy is safe in a loving family, but we continue to support her!