• Name : Mickey
  • Gender: male
  • Breed : mix
  • Age: ~2 years
  • Passport, vaccinations, chip :
  • Castration : Yes
  • Medical condition : Admitted with a fractured pelvis. Operated successfully. The prognosis is a full recovery. He doesn’t hear. After a medical examination, no cause of the deafness was found.
  • Character: Social, affectionate, with hygienic habits. It coexists without problems with other animals.
  • Is Mickey right for you? Mickey is a pet cat that you will fall in love with! He is extremely handsome, cuddly and lovable. He will greet you eagerly and purr gratefully when you pet him. He is currently in a foster home and coexists without problems with a dog. Gets used to a foreign presence easily. His deafness does not affect his behavior. He follows every movement with his curious eyes and feels the environment with all his senses. A wonderful companion. He loves soft blankets and will happily watch TV snuggled up in you :) Kitten Mickey is only suitable for breeding at home! The windows of must be secured with netting. Due to his deafness, any access with the outside environment is a risk to his life! Watch Mickey’s video here: VIDEO
  • Looking for home
  • The Story: Mickey was found motionless in a clearing. Read his story below↓
  • Financial support for care
  • If you are the Man for Mickey, fill out a prospective adopter questionnaire↓




Mickey pisses in his new toilet :)
He is now in his foster home, where he will recover from the operation. 10 days he has to be careful not to jump :) It feels good! We hope his Adopter will appear soon. Until then, he’s counting on your support. Mickey needs support for treatment, care and supplies.Looking for a permanent/foster home.


Mickey’s surgery went well. He can be discharged tomorrow and will be placed in a foster home for recovery.
I will take medication for 5 days, movement/jumping must be restricted. After 10 days, thread removal.


Mickey has a broken pelvis.
We don’t know what he went through, but to live he will need surgery and implants. Dr. Stoyanov from the CEC gives a good prognosis, and with the right treatment and professional care, kotan will pass again! The necessary amount for the operation, all the tests plus the implants is about BGN 1,500. We really hope we can raise the amount to help him! Tests for infectious diseases are negative, PKC is normal. He is a healthy, very kind cat, despite the enormous pain he is experiencing… We assume that he was domesticated, he is petted a lot and is constantly looking for human hands with his muzzle…Please support Mickey for surgery and treatment!