The four nameless kittens now have names and wonderful new families! Pumpkin and Lisa found their people first. Luke and Leia waited longer, but luckily, because their people adopted them together!
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who shared and supported these sweet homeless people in their search for homes!
We couldn’t do it without you❤️

We wish all Adopted Angels and their families endless happiness, lots of love and unforgettable adventures TOGETHER!
Thank you❤️

  • Name: Nameless
  • Sex: 2 females and 2 males
  • Breed : mix
  • Age : 3-4 months
  • Passport, vaccinations: Dewormed / Neg. tests for viral and infectious diseases. First vaccine administered.
  • Medical condition: Healthy
  • The story: Abandoned at the front door: VIDEO
  • They are accommodated in a hotel. They need means of care: DONATE
  • Looking for homes: ADOPTED