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These moments are the hardest and at the same time the most, the most long-awaited! Justy is leaving us and his foster family who took care of him for 6 months. Parting is hard, tears are in our eyes…
Justy and I went through a very difficult and difficult road, but we finally managed to overcome the pain and turned it into real Happiness! This is the purpose of our cause, and it only happens when we are Together!
Justy travels to England to his true Home!
Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen and became a part of his destiny!
See photos from his submission here: Justin – sending photos
video of the send-off see here : Justin – send-off video

Justin has been put up for adoption overseas, but at this time we do not have an approved adopter yet. The procedure is long and takes time. Until then, there is a need for financial support: Donate

THE NECESSARY AMOUNT FOR RECEPTION CARE + SUPPLIES FOR JUSTIN for a period of 30 days is BGN 450.00. (BGN 10/24h – foster care, BGN 5.00/24h – diapers and food). LOOKING FOR A PERMANENT HOME!

31.03.2018 Justin on a walk with his foster parents

13.03.2018 We are extremely excited that we finally found good people who responded to our appeal for paid foster care for Justy. A wonderful family with a young child who will take care of Justy until he is adopted. People with huge hearts helping other animals in need. We appreciate and are grateful for the brave act and for reaching out at such a difficult time for all of us…When a person wants to help, he always finds a way to do it. Thank you!

See here: Justin’s foster parents

Justin was accommodated in Zoo Center Ring Mall for BGN 35.00/24h – We have unpaid obligations for stay and care from 07.01.2018. until 13.01.2018 – in the amount of – BGN 1462.60 – PAID!

15.02.2018 . Sofia district. THE SEARCH FOR A PAID FOSTER PARENT CONTINUES! Inquiries of interest for Justin continue, but unfortunately still without result.
We would like to clarify that our organization is supported entirely by donations. Justin needs to be discharged from the rehab center because his treatment is over and the hotel stay is expensive and we can’t afford him for such a long period. He is a special needs dog and adoption becomes slower and more difficult, sometimes notpossible. Especially in Bulgaria….Voluntary foster care as well.
For these reasons, we are looking for a paid foster home for him until he is adopted.
THIS DOESN’T MEAN THAT EVERY CARE PROVIDER, EVEN FOR A PAYMENT, IS SUITABLE. We have a strict procedure and conditions for both adoption and foster care. The amount we can offer is BGN 10/day. The foster parent must be eligible and most importantly: Provide the best care for Justin.
Thanks to everyone who contacted us. The interviews continue!
Keep your fingers crossed that Justy finds the most amazing foster mom or dad…or miraculously, he finds his True Family!
*If this is you, write to us! [email protected]
*If you are unable to help with foster care, you can support Justy with a care donation here: Donate He Counts On You! Thank you!

01.02.18 It will take time for Justin to find his home… Until then, he will spend his days at Zoo Center-Ring Mall. Care for one day is BGN 35.00-45.00. (depending on the therapies). We know that the best therapy is home care, but until now no one has offered one. This amount is extremely overwhelming for us, especially for such a long period. We have outstanding debts to the clinic.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent for a fee, write to us at ‘ [email protected].
All supplies: Stroller, diapers, food. medication will be provided by us.
Hopefully someone will respond… Him too.
The total amount for treatment, hospital from 17.12.2107 to 07.01. 2018 is BGN 806.40 . -PAID!
We can’t do it without you! 🙏

On-site donations and diaper donations (L size) at: Veterinary Clinic Zoo Center Ring Mall Foundation: JUSTIN

If you are interested in adopting Justin, read the Adoption Procedure

Thank you!

28.12.2017 The operation planned by Dr. Nora Dimtrova was successful. Reconstruction of the foreskin was done to narrow it down so that Justin’s penis would not fall out. Castration was also performed.

18.12.2017 Justy has paralysis in her hind limbs as a result of her spinal injury. He has tenderness in his feet, bends them, but cannot step on them. He stands upright when we help him, but he cannot take a single step… Therapy continues. There is no telling if it will pass again, but the doctors say there is some minimal chance…We know it takes a lot of time and patience to see results. Due to the neurological problem, Justy’s penis has fallen out. An operation is pending – Reconstruction of the foreskin. Then we can remove the collar.
Justy is not even a year old, but he is so strong in spirit! He doesn’t give up and believes in us…We can’t leave him, can we? The stay for treatment and rehabilitation, depending on the patient’s condition, amounts to BGN 45-65 per 24 hours. We count on your support!
Donate to Justin online
Donate for the treatment or send L size diapers to the clinic. (Constant need for diapers!) to: Veterinary Clinic Zoo Center Ring Mall

Pet Justy and get to know him! (For a visit, call in advance on tel: (08870005359) Thank you!

Justy is the happiest dog because he now has a stroller and he accepted it with great joy! Check it out here:

18.12.2017 Justy is the happiest dog because he now has a stroller and he accepted it with great joy!