We are looking for a temporary/permanent home for Koledarchetto-Hari!

That’s how it lay on the road. He greeted me with a wagging tail… He was very hungry.
I fed him. I was happy and at the same time surprised that it looked very good compared to the other dogs there..(Campaign to help animals in the deserted villages)

A good woman took care of him until recently, but unfortunately he was left alone in the ruined house. There is no one to feed him. He lived with love and care, happy in the village. The woman even dewormed him regularly. She took him to a neighboring larger village to the vet. She didn’t have the opportunity, but she was saving a mouthful for him…
Harry is now alone and his life is at risk. I’m so afraid that next time he won’t be there… I want to help him and find him a home! He is so trusting, and he trusts people…

We put a feeder. There will be food in a few days.

We are organizing the move to Sofia. We need admissions officers! Our foster homes are full and we have nowhere to put him.

Age: 8-9 months.
Size: 18-20kg
Personality: Social, loving, gets along well with other animals.
( Stray Angels animals are given up for adoption by procedure: https://strayangels.org/асиновеванеadoption-procedure/ )

Please support!

Anyone willing to help with care can do so here 👆 #linkinbio

Adoption Contacts:
📲+359 886 766 896
📧[email protected]

🐾Thank you!🙏