Friends, we are happy to inform you that Vasco was adopted. We are grateful for all the help you give our angels, you make their lives possible.

Please remember we have other animals for adoption, share them on social media so we can find them a home too!

  • Name : Vasкo
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed : mix
  • Age : ~8 years
  • Size : ~13kg
  • Passport, vaccines: Chip from “Ecobalance”. Vaccinated.
  • Castration : Yes
  • Personality: Social with dogs, likes to be around people, walks on a leash, can live in an apartment. Very good.
  • Medical Status : Current. He should be bathed twice a week and fed food for sensitive stomachs.
  • The story/ 29.12.23: Vasko is one of the dogs we took from the municipal pet. “Vrabnitsa” clinic, Sofia municipality: VIDEO
  • Looking for adoptive parents and treatment support


Vasco will have to take an antibiotic for 10 days and then have another urine test.


Vasco has a bacteria in his urine and will need to take antibiotics until he recovers. He is now going home, but we are waiting for more results on the type of bacteria and the choice of antibiotic.


Vasco was readmitted to the CEC with blood in his urine and heavy breathing. He will remain hospitalized for tests. At the moment we have an additional bill of BGN 312 for him. We look forward to information to share with you.