18.10.2022 Woody’s lucky day is today! He found his new family :). We wish them countless happy days together🙏❤️

  • Name : Woody
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed : Mix/ Black color
  • Age : 5 months
  • Passport, vaccinations, chip : Yes
  • Castration: forthcoming
  • Medical condition : Healthy
  • Personality: Social, very cuddly and playful. A black handsome boy who will bring luck and love to his future Adopter :)
  • Apply to adopt Woody


🐈‍⬛ Woody is a Magical Kitten! We should have named him Harry Potter:) He has a stunning presence and changes his appearance.
The color of his fur is no longer black 😮, and when you stroke his magical tail, Miracles happen! There is only one condition.



Woody looks at us with his crystal eyes and can’t wait to get out of the clinic!
We are looking for a home for him, at least for a while, because on Saturdays and Sundays the clinic where he is placed is closed. He is up for adoption and freaking cute.

He has a herpes virus infection with the risk of losing both eyes, but with adequate treatment this will not happen. The triple test showed giardia, and the blood count showed very high leukocytes. Antibiotic treatment has been started and he will be put on eye drops.

Help us find him a home and share!


The kitten is in the Vet Care clinic and remains there for now.