The campaign is to help people who have rescued a stray animal and provide foster care until adopters are found.

Due to a lack of resources for management and administration, the campaign stops on 30.05.2023.

We receive dozens of requests for help that are impossible to respond to. We don’t have a shelter because we believe in priceless salvation – Home care. We want to help those of you who have rescued a homeless person, have taken physical and moral responsibility and, despite all the difficulties accompanying the cause, care for him until the ultimate goal – to find a warm and loving home. We will post your RESCUE animals here to try to help you find an adopter. IT IS A MANDATORY CONDITION THAT THEY HAVE BEEN TAKEN OFF THE STREET and have been neutered.Each animal’s profile will be published within one month and shared in posts and stories on the Stray Angels Instagram / Facebook social networks.


Please fill out the form in detail and send it: ↓

    Информация за животното.


    ❗️In the “Animals saved by you – Looking for Home” campaign, Stray Angels is not directly involved in the adoption procedure, as it does not know the animals and their Guardians personally. The responsibility and selection of adoptive parents rests with the Guardian. An adoption contract is signed only for the adoption of animals for which Stray Angels is the Custodian. We recommend that the Trustees use an adoption questionnaire when selecting applicants to get to know the prospective adopters and their experience in raising animals. Please inform us when adopting the animal!

    We wish Good Luck and the Best Adopters for all Angels!

    The work of creating this campaign requires time and a professional human resource, which we pay monthly. We rely entirely on your support to be able to publish as many animals as possible:

    Animals saved by you

    Share to help as many homeless people as possible🙏