Name: Sherry (spotted) and Mike (black and white)
Gender: female and male
Breed: none
Ages: Sherry 6-7 years and Mike 3-4 years
Size: Sherry - 2.8kg, Mike - 5kg
Passport, vaccinations, chip: no
Castration: yes
Medical condition: negative triple test, diseased teeth
Characteristics: social and kind

They are looking for foster/foster or permanent/permanent homes and support for their treatment and stay in the clinic.

Sherry and Mike are adopted


They have been in a foster home since 10.05. Very kind and loving. They show serious interest when their foster owner cooks something:) They are looking for a permanent home - preferably together. They can be separated, but it will be sad for both of them...

They need caregiving support.


Sherry's mouth was not in good shape, she has been cleaned and teeth extracted, she is currently eating only soft food and taking an antibiotic. Her protein level is very low and she will have a second blood test at the end of the week. Mike has also had several diseased teeth removed, and his general condition is better.

The two kittens are extremely attached to each other, and at the same time they are very cuddly and kind to people.

Sherry and Mike - we gave them these names because we don't know what they were called when they had their own home. Once domestic cats, they have been surviving on the street for about half a year. The woman who looked after them is faced with the difficult decision to leave her home. Along with a bunch of other personal and health complicating issues that we don't want to judge in the situation, Sherry and Mike have to inhabit the outside world.

And the outside world, my friends, is not always kind. A volunteer who visits the area once a week notices that the tabby kitten is starting to look unwell - he has dried blood around his nose, wheezes while eating, doesn't chew his food well, limps and sometimes holds his spine in particular.

Cats are social and easily enter transport cages. They have already been neutered and the initial examination was triple negative for both, but they are about to have diseased teeth extracted.

They need support for their care and stay in the clinic while we look for a home/s for them.