• Name : Shai
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed : Mix
  • Age : 3 months
  • Size : 4.8 kg (the normal weight it should reach is about 15 kg)
  • Passport, vaccines, chip : Passport, Three vaccines
  • Castration: forthcoming
  • Medical condition : Diagnosed with diaphragmatic hernia and megaesophagus (dilated esophagus). The entire diaphragm was torn. All the organs were in the chest. He lived like that for a while. He underwent two major operations. He is still recovering in a clinic.
  • Personality: Social, very kind and good.
  • The story:
    Found on an inter-village road around Blagoevgrad in a very serious condition and admitted as a matter of urgency to Central Medical Center-Sofia. See VIDEO how it was found: HERE



Shai is adopted and travels with his new family to Berlin.
Looking forward to photos in our new home soon.



A third vaccine was administered.
A follow-up barium smear showed that his esophagus was still slightly dilated, but signs of a full recovery.
The ration of healing food has been increased.
In 2 weeks is the next check-up so we're hoping for even better news.



Shai's feeding tube was removed yesterday as our 2 week old boy is eating normally.
He's over 800. He'll be on medication for a while longer. It is fed with gastrointestinal food.
In 2 weeks, he will have a control examination of his esophagus.
He is feeling well and needs to get out of the clinic and find a cozy home.


Shai's first steps on a walk...
He is quite weak, but he has been eating for a whole week now without throwing up. His strength is slowly coming back, but we will help!

He had an x-ray of his esophagus today.
The photo shows that the inflammation has decreased.
His stitches were removed.
He was slightly upset and we checked him again for parasites, but none.
We will have to wait another week or so and the stomach tube will be removed.
And our boy will finally find his man!


Our skinny boy has gained 400 g!
He has been eating orally for several days and has not vomited.
He is no longer on antibiotic treatment.

The diagnosis of megaesophagus still threatens him, but it will be a month before the doctors make a decision.
If he's eating well, in a few days the tube will be removed and our boy will be ready to go to a foster home.
Is someone ready to give him a home and love?