• Name : Shai
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed : Mix
  • Age : 3 months
  • Size : 4.8 kg (the normal weight it should reach is about 15 kg)
  • Passport, vaccines, chip : Passport, Three vaccines
  • Castration: forthcoming
  • Medical condition : Diagnosed with diaphragmatic hernia and megaesophagus (dilated esophagus). The entire diaphragm was torn. All the organs were in the chest. He lived like that for a while. He underwent two major operations. He is still recovering in a clinic.
  • Personality: Social, very kind and good.
  • The story:
    Found on an inter-village road around Blagoevgrad in a very serious condition and admitted as a matter of urgency to Central Medical Center-Sofia. See VIDEO how it was found: HERE



Shai is adopted and travels with his new family to Berlin.
Looking forward to photos in our new home soon.



A third vaccine was administered.
A follow-up barium smear showed that his esophagus was still slightly dilated, but signs of a full recovery.
The ration of healing food has been increased.
In 2 weeks is the next check-up so we're hoping for even better news.