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Name: Will/Spike

Breed: German Shepherd

Age: 4 years

Personality: Good friend. Seeks attention and caress. He doesn’t like many other dogs, but he reacts selectively. Loves to communicate and play with people.

Features : Will has three limbs. Rear right leg amputated.

Video of how Will moves, see here


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Voluptuous Willie…
After everything he had been through and after all his efforts, Will stood firmly on his three legs. The truth is that he was about to survive in the clinic… The medicine that saved him was the loving home care of his guardian. Now, however, she needs support.
We are not seeking financial support for Will.


12.02.2018. About Will.

When we created this organization, we wanted to be different. Different not in the purpose of such organizations, but in the meaning and example of how things should happen with the noblest intentions.
Every poet of ours has suffered. We are with the animals. We see them, we feel with them, it hurts.
We are not overconfident and do not think that we can help without the doctor’s and your support.
All speculations lately cause us offense and pain, but they do not stop us in our mission to help animals. However, this cannot be done without your trust in us and in the decisions we make. As a new organization, we face lessons and questions to resolve, and often there are no easy answers. Before us as an association is the question of how far we bear moral and financial responsibility to help. We do not run away from difficult cases and do not make easy decisions for the lives of our kennels. When we take on cases, we take responsibility for the life and health of a living being, as well as the funds of our donors. We are not doctors. We are not the ones who decide on the health status of the animals. We comply with the decision of the clinic that took care of the dog. When we are told that we are faced with a situation with no real chance and the doctors do not give us hope, we cannot make our own decisions about how to treat.
Our further participation as an organization responsible for collecting funds for Will (until 08.02.2018), and given the situation related to the donated funds, we are faced with the moral question of not becoming one of the many carrying out negative campaigns that absorb money on the back of hopeless cases.
We are not “killing” Will by going with the doctors’ opinion. We are obliged to publish the truth about his health condition and his prognosis, and you can decide for yourself whether you wish to continue your support. Medicine is not mathematics and does not give guarantees.
Will is now with his new “old” guardian Rositsa Angelova and we hope he refutes the medical opinion. We wish him well from the bottom of our hearts and keep our fingers crossed for him and Rossi in the difficult task she has undertaken.
We have prepared an account of the donations received and the expenses incurred for his treatment, which you can see at the end of the post. If someone wants to get acquainted with the documentation in person, we will give them the opportunity. At the same time, we do not consider social media to be the place to export personal and financial information about our donors .

Total amount due for the treatment of dog Will from 27.11.2017. until 07.02.2018 in the CEC and Zoo Center in Ring Mall-6009 BGN.
🔻 Paid by donors on the spot at the CEC-1,698 BGN (foundation Will)
🔻 Paid from Germany – BGN 1306 (base Will)
🔻 Paid by donors to Stray Angels via bank transfer and Pay Pal – BGN 1520 (foundation Will)
🔻 Surcharge in person from Stray Angels – BGN 1485. (donations on a general basis, etc. dogs)
🔹 Total amount paid BGN 6009.

If any of you have made a donation and haven’t seen your name published here: Donators . can contact us or send a note about the donation by email; [email protected].
We are not responsible and have no way of knowing if you have made a donation in any other way than described.

08.2018 Due to the great interest in this case, we feel obliged to clarify our position in relation to the speculations of people condemning our actions in rescuing and treating dog Will. In engaging with him we had the best intentions to give Will a chance despite his dire condition. We have provided the most adequate treatment and care in a clinic we trust. This was made possible with the help of all of you who donated funds for Will. The full list of donors by name can be found here: Donators
The entire amount for his treatment from his admission until 08.02.2018. Is in the amount of BGN 6009.00 _ and is fully covered by the Donors of Stray Angels – by bank transfer, by card or by on-site donations at the CEC and the Physiotherapy Center in the Ring Mall. Despite long speculation that Will was funded primarily by a German organization, 350.00 euro of the total amount came as two consecutive donations from Germany to the CEC account and 125.00 euro to the Zoo Center-Ring Mall account. The ultimate goal was Will’s adoption in Germany, and Rositsa Angelova – a mediator and responsible for his adoption there. This was the reason why the Stray Angels transferred Will’s property to her name, and the association took responsibility for collecting the funds for the treatment until the departure. The registration of Will’s microchip has been in Rositsa Angelova’s name since November 2017, and in the meantime we have never stopped providing his treatment and recovery. Unfortunately, Will’s case did not go as we would have liked and as his doctors had hoped. Saving patients like Will is always a two-way street – dealing with acute, life-threatening problems on the one hand and fighting for a quality, pain-free life on the other. We saved Will’s life with a concerted effort, but unfortunately it is unlikely that his quality will be ensured, even if he is rehomed with an owner fully devoted to him from here on out. We trust our doctors about where the ethical line lies beyond keeping a patient alive with chronic pain and problems. We have never given up on Will and never stopped fighting for him, but we stand behind the humane treatment and believe in the professionalism and medical ethics of the people treating Will. We attach the official clinical opinion to the doctor who has worked closely with Will over the last months, and who, together with his team, has done the near-impossible in terms of therapy, care, operations, consultations and rehabilitation. If, after all this, he and his team decide that Will’s life is doomed to suffering and that the professional and ethical line for him has been crossed, then we stand with them.
Clinical opinion – Dr. Vladislav Zlatinov, CEC for
Will’s condition – male German shepherd, about 3 years old, weight 26 kg.
“The patient’s current condition is after serious treatment
hind limb injuries about 2.5 months ago. The initial emergency care, stabilization and amputation of the right hind limb was performed in a clinic in the city of Pernik. There is
trauma to the rear left leg was also diagnosed – fracture of the knee cap with rupture of the patellar ligament. Will was referred for therapy at the Central Veterinary Clinic,
where a complex treatment involving three was applied
major surgical interventions and supportive care and therapy. In about a month after the first operation, the dog was
hospitalized in the Zoo Center – Ring Mall clinic.
Our pre-operative assessment, explained in detail to Will’s carers, was for a highly questionable prognosis with many risks due to the nature of the problem – a patient with limb loss and severe debilitating contralateral trauma. It was pointed out that even in patients with four limbs, repair of an injured patellar ligament is often associated with complications and the need for revision surgery. Will’s surgical interventions were aimed at repairing the torn tissues, including restoring the integrity of the patella and its ligament, temporarily locking the knee to protect the final reconstruction, staged removal of the implants in the area (plate, cerclage wire, etc.). In the post-operative period, special immobilizing devices (splints) were used to gradually load the reconstructed joint. The results were encouraging during the first stages of treatment – ​​signs of functional recovery and stability of the patellar ligament. Unfortunately, a sharp deterioration followed late
ligament rupture complicated by local infection of the operative wound.

The current orthopedic condition as of February 10, 2018 at
Will includes
: total loss of function of the quadriceps mechanism (impossibility of knee extension), presence of active local infection in the knee joint (in the process of treatment with antibiotics, drainage and daily dressing changes), difficult movement with a greatly altered gait – balancing of the front limbs, minimal support of the operated hind limb. Unfortunately, the prognosis for Will’s normal functional recovery is categorically bad – severe degenerative changes are expected in the affected knee joint, at this stage the recovery of the patellar ligament seems impossible, the control of the local infection would be difficult and long-lasting (months). For us, Will’s condition raises a moral-ethical case for the justification of continued treatment. The case was considered extremely carefully because due to the nature and progression of the disease, suffering, discomfort and pain are caused to the patient, which are expected and constant in the long term. Such a state of affairs is completely unacceptable to us and goes against the principles of good medical care for patients.”
On the other hand, as we mentioned, ownership of Will was entrusted to Rositsa Angelova. As his current owner, she does not accept the doctor’s opinion and judgment and insists on continuing to care for Will at home despite the ethics case. We understand that the Trustee sincerely believes this is the right decision, but we remain opposed to this happening at the cost of the physical discomfort and suffering that is a medical fact in Will’s case. Finding a home for Will abroad is almost impossible – our experience with doctors in Germany or the Netherlands with patients like Will is that they do not let such patients suffer and are euthanized almost immediately. The question of how far it is ethical to keep a patient alive and disabled is very precisely regulated in these countries.
For the reasons listed above , Stray Angels Association has no rights and cannot make decisions about dog Will. As we strongly disagree with the plans for Will’s future care and possible treatment by his official guardian, we are terminating all future support of the organization and consider the failure to comply with his doctor’s recommendations to be too far from humane practice, which we consider to be an immutable principle that we base our treatment on our wards.
Sorry Willie…We love you and wish you a pain free life!
Thank you to all donors and people sympathetic to Will’s fate.

The whole story of Will


WE ARE WAITING FOR THE OPINION FROM THE DOCTORS ON WILL’S CONDITION. We will update the information as soon as we receive it. The amount owed for Will’s treatment at the CEC – from 18.01.2017 to 07.02.2018 BGN 1650.00 – PAID! We thank all the DONORS from the bottom of our hearts! Will continues to fight the infection. He is eating well but not gaining weight. Unfortunately, the long stay in the clinic and everything he experienced took a toll on his mental state and he deteriorated. He is depressed. He has to go to a foster home where he will be cared for personally and socialized. However, this is again a problem because the treatment continues and he has to visit the clinic every other day to change the dressings. A very difficult time for everyone. Will will be taken over by Rositsa Angelova, who will take care of him until he recovers and is adopted. Will is currently still in the CEC and needs financial support to repay his treatment obligations until 02/07/2018. He will then be discharged for treatment at home. WE ASK FOR SUPPORT! The amount is big and we can’t do it without your help!

There is a need for financial support to repay treatment obligations at the CEC. (Clinical protocols are posted below)

Clinical protocol for the treatment of ILI from 18.01. until 07.02.2018 – BGN 1,650.00

26.01.2018 “All in all, Will is well and alive. He recently had the remainder of the originally removed limb amputated. Andbut two problems – He does not gain weight despite a good appetite. A condition characteristic of NOV is suspected – pancreatic enzyme deficiency. This is a chronic problem and not very easy to prove. A consultation with an internist is pending. The other problem is: When the implants were removed, a preventive culture was done, which was positive for bacterial growth. An antibioticogram was done with appropriate antibiotics as appropriate. However, we are concerned about the joint and the repaired ligament. We are waiting and monitoring the tissues in the area..” Dr. Vladislav Zlatinov, CEC

The amount for the treatment at the Center for Disease Control, from 27.11.2017. until 18.02.2018 is BGN 3,574.00

– BGN 2,598.00 – PAID!

– BGN 976.00 – PAID! (until 18.02.2018)

The amount for rehabilitation and stay in Vet. Clinic: Zoo Center-Ring mall. – BGN 785.00 – PAID!

Donations to Will online: DONATE

On site at Central Medical Center-Sofia: Patient N: 52652, UIL/Stray Angels

We thank all the DONORS from the bottom of our hearts!

18.01.2018. Today, Dr. Zlatinov removed the fixation wire from Will’s operated leg. Its restoration continues at the Sofia Center.

Before and after removal of the cerclage wire from the patella of the patellar ligament.

Clinical Protocols from CEC: Patient N: 52652, UIL/Stray Angels