18.03. Ronnie left. Rest in peace sweet boy🙏

  • Име: РОНИ
  • Порода: ягдтериер
  • Възраст: ~10г
  • Ваксини, кастрация: Да
  • Характер: Социален, много мил и любвеобвилен

17.03.2022 Our Ronnie, who was supposed to be adopted in Germany, is back at the clinic. He went into shock and was taken for diagnosis and treatment to the Multispeciality Hospital. Tests for infectious diseases were negative. Tests showed the following: – Low protein levels – Not producing enough albumin – Losing fluids in body cavities, Free fluid in the abdomen, Liver enzymes – elevated, Pancreatitis and bacterial endocarditis. The treatment has started, in a week it will be possible to give a more accurate prognosis, but unfortunately it is not good. Ronnie is a strong boy, but age is taking its toll. We hope to find him a home so that he can live out his old age peacefully… If we fail, he will have to stay in a clinic for the rest of his days. We will pray for him and support him with love and care❤️

THE HISTORY: 21.01.22
“Looking for help, he was waiting outside my car…He was freezing and injured”
It probably had a hunter owner, but it is no longer needed because it is old and therefore thrown away…
🙌Luckily, Ronnie came to us and will never be used and abandoned again!
Update: 01/21/22 18:00 Ronnie’s wounds are from multiple bites from other dogs. He has necrotized tissue and cannot be protected. One way or another, the body will throw it out. He will be treated with antibiotics and will remain in the hospital for at least a month.