Kiara is an Angel in Heaven. Rest in peace sweet Kiara🕊️Your paws will forever leave a mark on our hearts🐾
We lost Kiara to a serious complication of severe brachycephalic syndrome. This is a congenital pathology of the upper respiratory tract, which makes it difficult for them to pass. It is common in these breeds, especially in individuals with severe congenital spinal abnormalities as in the case of Kiara, as both are the result of uncontrolled selection and breeding.

  • Name : Kiara
  • Gender: female
  • Breed : French Bulldog
  • Age : 2 years
  • Size : 6 kg
  • Med. Condition/ Diagnosis: Paresis. Accompanying diseases – Conjunctivitis and Cystitis. He underwent a major neurosurgical operation and rehabilitation. Read below more about the treatment and condition.
  • Care instructions: Kiara is a disabled dog. It requires special care. The animal can move with the help of a wheelchair, with immobilized hind limbs, in case of fatigue. Kiara must be kept in an environment devoid of unfavorable conditions – cold and moisture and be cleaned daily due to the risk of skin infections of decubitus wounds. It is forbidden to use bandages on the wounds, unless they are made and prescribed by a doctor. Their constant use can lead to serious infections of the limbs. All accompanying diseases with congenital and post-traumatic predisposition, such as cystitis, conjunctivitis, etc. they should be monitored and when clinical symptoms appear – to respond promptly by taking them to a doctor.
  • ADOPT KIARA : Kiara’s human must have experience raising a dog with special needs, and if not, have a great desire and love to learn. It is not difficult, we will assist you until you gain experience, but you need to have time, patience and persistence. Also, the adopter must take not only moral, but also financial responsibility for Kiara’s needs related to rearing according to the condition and: To purchase medicinal/quality food, medicines, consumables, to be able to take her to check-ups.
  • Personality: Kiara is just gorgeous! Despite everything she’s been through, she’s extremely cuddly, kind and good. He enjoys all people, of course with other animals and loves walks in the park! Bubbling with energy, a thirst for life. If you meet her, she will lick your hands and kiss you with joy. Kiara gives love…Kiara’s adoptive father will be her savior angel and a true lucky man. If this is you, complete: Adoption Questionnaire
  • Foster Care/Home: Kiara is looking for a foster home until she is adopted. If you would like to help with temporary care for Kiara, please email us at: [email protected]. No matter how hard and how long it takes to find Kiara’s HUMAN, we will not give up until we find him! Until then, we count on YOU and we will be grateful to everyone who supports Kiara financially with care : DONATE
  • The story:
    Kiara was found on the road. We assume that she is a victim of uncontrolled breeding and has been abandoned because of her condition. See a video of how we found her: Facebook: VIDEO