01/05/2023 RAYA IS ADOPTED
We received over 100 applications for adoption. Raya found her adoptive father and now has a new family and another adopted sister. If you were not approved for that animal, it does not mean that you are not suitable for adopting another. We hope that the people for whom the breed does not matter are more and that we receive as many applications for all the angels waiting for adoption:

✋Raya is another case of a purebred dog bought as a gift that is no longer needed.
⚠️Animals are not gifts, but a lifetime responsibility. Don’t give or buy a pet for your children just because they “Want a Dog”. Explain to them why. Every future pet owner must be prepared to take moral and physical responsibility before raising a pet./

  • Name: Paradise
  • Breed: Jack Russell
  • Age: ~8 months.
  • Size: 1.5 kg, medium size
  • Medical condition: Healthy. We found out she was store bought and had a passport and vaccinations.
  • Castration: Not neutered. /Forthcoming./ In the event that the animal was not neutered upon adoption, the ADOPTOR undertakes to take the necessary measures and, after reaching the appropriate age of the animal, to castrate it. (item 8. of the adoption agreement.)
  • Personality: Raya is a wonderful puppy. Loves people, of course with other dogs. He has established hygiene habits.
  • History: Found in a doorway waiting for her owners who abandoned her and went to live abroad.
  • Date of publication: 02.01.2023
  • Adoption Contact: The dog was found by a Stray Angels coordinator and is available for adoption. If you wish to adopt Raya, please submit your application by reading the adoption contract and filling out the questionnaire↓