• Name : Pepita
  • Gender: female
  • Breed : Mix
  • Age : 2.5 months
  • Passport, vaccinations, chip : Yes
  • Castration : To be performed upon reaching the required age.
  • Medical condition : Healthy. Past treatment for Parvovirus.
  • Character: Social, she is a baby, she enjoys everyone :)
  • The story: Found by teenagers in a village where they saw people chasing him and beating him out of their yard.
  • He needs support for treatment and care.
  • Looking for home. For adoption : prospective adopter questionnaire↓


Happy news!
Pepita is in the arms of her adoptive mother and already lives loved in a big family together with two cats! We thank these wonderful people and wish them from the bottom of our hearts a lot of health, love and unforgettable adventures together!
Another Homeless Angel found his Home! Together we will make the dream of many more come true! Thank you for being with us🫶
See here: photos

Good news for our baby girl! Today, Parvovirus test – negative and Pepita leaves the infectious disease ward!

He’s feeling good, eating with appetite and doesn’t want to stay in the cage anymore… He can’t wait to snuggle with his adopter and we still haven’t found him :(


Bad news for the stressed out little girl. The triple test is positive for Parvovirus. She was placed in an infectious disease ward and treatment was started. You know how insidious this disease is… fingers crossed! We are asking for financial support, because without your support we cannot cope with the treatment of this disease + the stay in the infectious one.


Another unwanted baby. Pepita was rescued by teenagers who witnessed her being “cast out” from a country yard. The puppy huddled in a corner, very scared, it was clearly not the first time this had happened to him. Pepita is already in Sofia at a clinic, where an examination and tests are pending. If all goes well, she can be adopted. We really hope we can find a home for the little girl. And to make happy the children who did good and saved her.