18.02.23 OREO is now in its new home – Cologne, Germany. Will live with a wonderful family in a gorgeous house with a yard and fields for walks nearby :)

  • Name: Oreo
  • Breed: Mix/Beautiful shorthair charmer with white fur and black spots.
  • Age: 10 months
  • Size/kg: 30 kg
  • Medical condition : Healthy. He has a passport, vaccinations, chip, regularly dewormed.
  • Castration : Yes
  • Personality/Behaviour: The dog is very social and good. Oh my gosh children, of course great with dogs and cats. He plays with cats.
    The dog has no specifics except that he needs a lot of walks because he is big and a baby and has a lot of energy.
  • Habits/specifics: Has hygienic habits, walks calmly on occasion, behaves well outside, is not conflicted.
  • The story: The dog was found at 4 months old in a village near Pazardzhik. He spent time in a foster home, then was adopted, but now we are looking for a home for him again because his current adopters can’t give him the time and walks he needs. They asked for assistance from Stray Angels to rehome Oreo. Oreo has been living in an apartment since his adoption 6 months ago and can stay there until 15.01.23.
  • If you want to adopt Oreo, fill out: Adoption Questionnaire↓