Morgan’s lucky day is today 01/28/24 Almost a month after being taken out of the shelter, he now has a home! He was put up for adoption in Germany and his luck came: a wonderful family fell in love with him and adopted him!

  • Name : Morgan
  • Breed : mix
  • Age : ~
  • Size : ~ 35cm
  • Passport, vaccinations, chip: Yes
  • Castration : Yes
  • Medical condition : Good
  • Personality: Morgan is initially an introvert, but this is not a cause for concern. Shows good development – when given enough time, is social with both dogs and people.
  • The story: The dog was brought out from a municipal shelter “Vrabnitsa”.
  • Looking for adoptive/foster parents and treatment and care support!
  • If you can offer foster care or would like to adopt one of them, please contact us via: Questionnaire for prospective adopter of a stray animal


Morgan’s story got its happy ending on Friday 26.01 when he left for his forever home in Germany. Unwanted here, picked up and forgotten in a shelter, he instantly became an adored pet to his new family. We wish them countless and wonderful moments together!