Помогни на Матча

1 835 лв. of 3 000 лв. raised

Малката Матча беше пострадала лошо, но с вашата подкрепа успяхме да я вдигнем отново на 4 лапи! Тя е готова да си отиде вкъщи, но все още не е намерила своя Осиновител. Докато го открием, тя продължава да има нужда от подкрепа за грижите

Благодарим от сърце на всеки Дарител🙏

Цялата история на Матча вижте по-долу по дати в хронологичен ред↓

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Donation Total: 100 лв.

  • Name : Matcha
  • Gender: female
  • Age : ~3 months
  • Castration: forthcoming
  • Medical condition : Admitted with trauma to both hind legs. Current treatment and postoperative recovery in a clinic.
  • Character: Very social, caressing.
  • The Story/09/08/23: Matcha was found in one entrance with leg trauma seeking help: See here: VIDEO
  • Looking for a home and support for treatment.
  • If you would like to adopt or be a foster parent for Matcha, fill out: prospective adopter questionnaire↓


Matcha feels pretty good. He burps and eats with a huge appetite. Follow-up blood tests are fine and the anemia is improving. He is starting to use his back legs more and better. On the left side of the surgery, around the stitches themselves, a cloudy liquid began to secrete, from which a sample was taken and we are waiting for the result of a possible antobioticogram. There is no evidence of infection on the PKK, so for now the wound is only being processed. There is very little free fluid around the bladder and the urethra appears healthy. Medicines have been added to the therapy to help her urinate on her own and the good news is that since yesterday Matcha has been urinating completely on her own, there is no need for manual urination these days.


Matcha moves pretty well and dicks herself! We are still monitoring her because she pees once a day for the second day now, but profusely. The stools are formed, he is now free of abacote and on a subcutaneous antibiotic, which can be given orally for a few more days. The doctors responsible for the kitten believe that there is no need for him to stay in the clinic to accumulate hospital bills and if it is possible to find a foster or permanent home, during this period he should consult with Dr. Zlatinov about preventive examinations and evaluate whether he will need another operation, etc. WE ARE LOOKING FOR AN ACCEPTABLE/PERMANENT HOME FOR MATCHA and financial support to cover the bills for the surgery and treatment. We are grateful to everyone who lent a hand.