• Name : Matcha (Matcho, after removing the implant Matcha turned out to be Matcho) – ( ̶м̶о̶м̶и̶ч̶е̶) Boy, Sivcho – boy
  • Age : ~1 year.
  • Vaccinations : Yes
  • Castration : Castrated (24.01.2024)
  • Medical condition : Healthy, Matcho walks on 4 healthy legs.
  • Personality: Very social, caressing.
  • The Story/09/08/23: Matcha was found in an entrance looking for help: See here: VIDEO
  • – л̶и̶н̶и̶к̶а̶т̶а̶,̶ ̶т̶я̶ ̶с̶р̶е̶шт̶н̶а̶ ̶с̶в̶о̶я̶ ̶п̶р̶и̶я̶т̶e̶l̶ ̶п̶о̶ ̶с̶ё̶д̶б̶а̶ ̶С̶и̶в̶ч̶о̶,̶ ̶с̶ ̶к̶о̶г̶о̶т̶о̶ ̶с̶a̶ ̶н̶e –
  • Adopted in Germany: 24.02.2024


Matcha and Sivcho were adopted in Germany on 24.02.2024. We will add more information and pictures soon.


Macho’s leg is recovering beautifully. All that remains is to find them a loving family.


Today they removed Matcha’s implant, which turned out to be Matcho :). It’s okay, walk on 4 healthy legs!
Sivcho was neutered and they both go to a hotel again :(


🗣️Matcha and Sivcho are still waiting for their Man
Although on the surface they look like two very ordinary former street kittens that no one would prefer over many others, they are actually special. Because the beauty, my friends, lies in the history you carry and the love you will receive.
Without knowing each other, they end up in the clinic at the same time, with similar traumas from street life. They become companions by fate and like each other so much that they become an inseparable fluffy duo.
Matcha and Sivcho are an example of how in the most difficult moments we can find a friend with whom life is better. And one of you can get a double dose of happiness by adopting them!


While Matcha is at the clinic, she meets her cellmate Sivcho, who shares her destiny and they become best friends! They are both now healthy, vaccinated and ready for adoption, but they are still waiting because no one has claimed them yet🥹Just look at how cute and sweet they are! Can you imagine finding an adoptive parent for both of us together! This is going to be amazing! Share this post and maybe one of you will be their miracle! Here you can fill out the adoption form or help. We are expecting you!