Name: Mark
Male gender
Breed: Bulgarian Beagle
Age: 1 year
Size: 20 kg
Passport, vaccinations, chip: yes
Castration: yes
Medical Condition: Admitted after being hit by a car.
undergoing treatment after soft tissue damage to the front two paws.
Personality: He is incredibly good, obeys people and is very timid of other dogs.

Am I right for you:
Mark was used as a hunting dog. We never found out if it was lost or thrown away. He has a lot of energy, doesn’t like cats at all and gets confrontational with other dogs if they try to dominate him.
Mark is not an ordinary dog ​​that can easily live in an apartment. Not a dog that will immediately jump into your arms with joy and start petting.
If Mark is your dog, you will need to know that he needs a lot of attention, time and long walks to adjust to life at home. The prospective owner must either have a fairly intense lifestyle where he spends a lot of time outdoors to burn off his excess energy.
Mark would also be suitable for a house with a yard, but again we emphasize that he could not spend his life in this yard. He needs daily long walks.
Mark is good, and with a little more attention and the right approach, he will make a wonderful pet.

Looking for a permanent home



Mark left the clinic today and is placed in a foster home.
We hope that the dog will soon find his family where he will be loved and cared for.


Thank God Mark is fine, he escaped with only a scraped paw, he has a wound that the doctors treated and he is now ready for exploits.
He will spend a week being treated at the Multi-Profile Veterinary Clinic in Gorna Banya.
His disease tests are negative.


Abandoned puppy, Bulgarian Beagle breed, about a year old!!!
Random people ask us for help. Passing by car at the roundabout between Lyulin, Bankya and Suhodol, they see a dog running between the cars.
He is being chased by a pack of dogs. A car hits him! People stop to help and signal us. We take the dog.
The dog was taken to a clinic. We’ll see how he does.