• Name : Maggie
  • Gender: female
  • Breed : Mix
  • Age : 1 year
  • Passport, vaccinations, chip : No vaccines, passport and chip.
  • Castration : Castrated
  • Medical condition : On 01.09, an 84-day course of treatment with GS against FIP ​​ends. The general condition should be observed for a further 84 days thereafter. Blood tests are unchanged. – follow the treatment below
  • Character: Very kind, social and curious.
  • The story: Maggie is from the colony of cats we spayed last summer (2021). In recent days, Maggie’s belly has been bulging and she’s meowing more and more…
  • Looking for foster home and treatment support
  • If you are Maggie’s Foster Person, read about foster care or contact us directly.


Maggie’s latest blood work is from today and she is in great health. Unfortunately, the three months in a cage took its toll and she has put on more weight than normal. She needs movement. She is extremely cuddly and good-natured – she would happily live in someone’s home.


Day 75/84 of GS treatment. Maggie is in great shape and health. A complete blood count is like a cat that has long forgotten the days of a belly full of fluid.
Maggie has been an inpatient in a cage for three months and she is so sweet, social and loving – she would be very nice company for her Human…


Day 34/84 of treatment for FIP. Maggie seems to be doing very well. He looks hopefully at anyone who steps into the infirmary and desperately begs for caresses, attention and human presence. Well, if you had a home…


Day 19 of 84 for Maggie’s FIP treatment. She has lost about 300 grams of weight – this was until recently the liquid in her belly. He gets injections every day and yet he enjoys human caresses.


The 84-day treatment with ampoules GS was started. The course should not be interrupted. An ampoule costs between $40 and $60 (depending on what’s available) and so far it lasts her about 3 days.