• Name : Malcho
  • Gender: Male
  • Age : 1 month
  • Medical condition : Successfully operated on for traumatic brain injury and fracture of left humerus.
  • The story: The little kitten was “kicked” by a minor↓
  • Malcho is adopted.


Little is a Miracle kitten who is living a second life thanks to the doctors and the support from all of you! Despite the bad experience he experienced, the severe injuries and the surgery he went through, he is fine and recovering! And more good news!
Another miracle happened, Friends! Two doctors decided to adopt Malcho! Vesela Ivanova and Borislav Vasilev opened their hearts wide for little Malcho! They are doctors, part of the CEC team with whom we work – People who once again set an example with their professional and personal attitude towards homeless animals. PEOPLE with big hearts!
We express our sincere gratitude to all of you for your unreserved support! We have no words…we are hugging you with tears of joy!
From now on, we are happy and relaxed for Malcho, because we believe he will get all the love and the best cat life!
Happy ending
And we continue to fight for the Miracle of the rest of the angels who need all of us…


Warning: This post may be shocking. It’s very sad when **** is the cause of this story, but it really happens all too often. This little kitten was “kicked” by a minor. The people who witnessed the incident took his lifeless body to a clinic to take care of him… However, the kitten is alive, despite the severe injuries inflicted on him: a craniocerebral injury and a fracture of the left humerus. As a matter of urgency and thanks to the quick reaction of Dr. Zlatinov, who performed the operation, the kitten will continue to live. We are on the brink of impotence. Another case that has left us speechless…There are no words to express our rage and helplessness in the face of violence against defenseless animals, even when caused by a minor. Again, we ask for your support. For another kitten. We named him: Malcho. Whoever wants to help. *For the kitten: Surgery is BGN 850, + tests/scanner/treatment: BGN 900 – Total: BGN 1750. * For the minor: To grow in a world without violence and with love for all living beings. I hope it does. Hopefully.