• Name : Krum
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed : Mix
  • Age : over 10 years
  • Size : 15 kg
  • Passport, vaccinations, chip : Yes
  • Castration : Yes
  • Medical Status : Current. Admitted with bleeding mass/muzzle tumor. He was admitted to Central Medical Center – Sofia for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Personality: Needs socialization.
  • The story: Dog Krum was taken from a municipal shelter – Gorni Bogorov Sofia.
  • Looking for a home: If you are the Krum Man, fill it out prospective adopter questionnaire↓


Friends… It is with great sadness that we share with you all that Krum has passed away. We just got the call we didn’t want at all. His suffering soul seemed to surrender and fly away… Where there is no pain. Where the grass is greenest. Where every dog ​​is healthy and has a loving home…
After refusing to eat and go out, Krum’s breathing worsened, the tumor took over, and he fell into a comatose state.
Even though we knew this day would come sooner or later, we can’t help but ache for it. Forgive us, dear boy, that you never felt the soft couch and the peace of home comfort…
We made sure he wasn’t alone at the finish and did the best we could.
Thanks to the volunteers who spotted it; to the doctors for not giving up on him; thank you to everyone who donated to him, cared about him or took the time to visit him at the clinic. It’s times like this that we want to remind ourselves that despite the sometimes sad stories, there is meaning to it all.
And so that Krum does not remain another forgotten soul without a trace in this world – adopt a homeless person. Donate, support with foster care or spread the word about helping the homeless.
Because together we can.
For Krum and the others still waiting.

Laboklin result arrived. Unfortunately, the doctors are not sure what type of tumor it is and have sent him for further diagnostics and a second opinion, so we are still waiting for a final opinion from them.
As a general condition, Krum is more or less good. Anemia and infection are responding to therapy and as of yesterday the blood count is free of infection. Shows interest in food and eats a little on his own. We are trying to socialize him little by little, and so far there is progress. It can be completely discharged from the clinic and the tablets can be given orally with food.
We clean the place every day, twice a day, as it secretes a lot, and so far we manage without the need for sedation (with more patience and attention, it allows manipulation in this area).
Surgical treatment in the area is unfortunately not possible, as much of the bony base of the nose and upper palate is missing, as can be seen from the scan.

We are looking for a foster home for Krum, but unfortunately there are no takers and for this reason Krum has to stay in the clinic under the care of the doctors. The required amount for one day of hospitalization + treatment/therapies is BGN 120. We are grateful to anyone who helps Krum🙏


Krum is unhappy when cleaning the wound :( but there is no way…there are constant leaks: VIDEO fb
So far, no one has offered foster care, but even if such a person is found, he should be able to perform this procedure twice a day, and Krum is not very cooperative, he hurts…he even tries to bite… Krum remains in the clinic under the care of doctors. We are still waiting for the results of Laboklin for the examination of the tumor.
📈Information about Krum from today:
The Giardia test was repeated and unfortunately it continues to test positive and radiate the parasite. His general condition is satisfactory – he lies down more and does not stand up as much, but since last night he has started eating with greater appetite on his own.
Blood tests from today are not very good – he is mildly anemic and the infection is still present (he continues to have leukocytosis). The anemia will be monitored for now, it can generally be due to the Anaplasma that she has (as therapy has also been prescribed for it).
There is constant thick secretions from the formation of the nose, which makes it quite difficult for him to breathe normally (since he is trying to breathe through his nose, and physically he can’t, because it is partially obstructed by the tumor and leaks). The site was cleaned and sanitized daily, but the leaks did not subside despite triple IV antibiotic therapy.
He is urinating normally but has not defecated yet.


Krum today…
He doesn’t want to eat, he ate a little yesterday. He went for a walk in the morning. He has cough and wheezing with bleeding. In 7 days we expect the tests for the tumor, but unfortunately the prognosis is not good🥹
We don’t know how long he will live, but we want him to feel the warmth of human love until the end of his days❤️
At the moment, Krum is on 3 antibiotics and a pain reliever, which could be given with food (if he eats) or by mouth. If a person is found who will open his heart to him, there is no need to stay in the clinic.
Write to us if you want to help Krum, using the form for potential adopters here: https://strayangels.org/крум-тарси-дом-и-подкрепа/
We thank all friends who are by our side in these difficult times, because without you we have no strength to stand up and move forward


Medical information for Krum as of 20.11.

Blood tests are good (no evidence of anemia or any serious infection – there is mild leukocytosis; kidney and liver parameters are normal) Test negative for Ghana, Parvo and Corona, but positive for Giardia. 4D test positive for Anaplasma.

On the scanner, what we see is that part of the nasal bone on the side of the education is lysed, and the formation itself takes up the contrast (which means that it is not an abscess, but a tumor). On the side of the upper jaw in the mouth, part of the hard palate is also lysed and missing (standing as a bump in the mouth). The teeth are quite bad – with a lot of calculus, some of them are missing and some are broken.
While he was sedated for the procedures, a punch biopsy was taken, which will be sent to Laboclin for tumor diagnosis. During the procedure, there was a lot of bleeding from the site, although a very small sample was taken, which in most cases also indicates some kind of malignant process. The prognosis is generally questionable to poor, if it turns out to be malignant, euthanasia will have to be recommended (as it will impair his quality of life and possibly continue to grow)