Age: about 5 years,
Castration : Yes
Vaccines, passport: To come
Medical condition : Kolyo was found with a relocated jaw and a perforated cornea. The jaw is adjusted and the affected eye is on the mend and has sensitivity. Semi-tailed.
He is a carrier of feline AIDS, which means that he should not live with other cats. Postoperatively, he was placed in a hospital clinic, but did not require special medical care.
Personality: Cowardly, defensive and still distrustful, but has made some progress since December. Collo has been through a lot, he has lived with pain and it will take patience, time, attention and a good attitude to believe in people. He needs a permanent home

We update the information chronologically↓

From Christmas to St. George’s Day, Sofia – Burgas – Sofia – Paris – Cambridge. After just over four months and several thousand kilometers later, we are extremely happy to announce that Kolio the kitten is now home, forever! 🐾 ♥

On the 5th of May, Vicky and Alex (his foster owners) brought him from Burgas to Sofia, from where on the 6th of May he flew to France with his adoptive mother – Dimana, and Stefan (her partner) was waiting for them there in the car to finish their journey ending in England. Besides being very tame on the road, the Colt adapted instantly to his new home and purred in the laps of his forever people. There is no memory of the frightened, insecure and distrustful kitten that we found. We are grateful to Vicky and Alex – foster care plays a key role in the life of a former street girl. Patience, love and attention – this is what it takes to turn a fighter from the dirty outside world into the most lovable kitten. We also thank Dimana and Stefan who, out of all the kittens in this world, chose Coleto and waited for him with such great impatience that they even personally took him from here. From day one, you can see that the royal life has a good effect on the Colleto 👑 🐈 Be happy together!

18.02.2022 Kolyo is in a foster home in the process of socialization. Wonderful people opened their hearts to him! He’s progressed in just a few days and we hope to see him purring in their arms soon! He needs financial support for medical food and a permanent home