20.03.2022 Kathy was adopted by her foster family! We wish them lots of joy and a magical motherland together!

  • Name: Cathy
  • Age: 6 months
  • Size: ~15kg
  • Passport, passport, chip: Yes
  • Castration: Yes
  • Medical condition: Right hind limb amputated due to severe trauma.
  • Character: Social, kind and good, walks calmly on occasion, has hygienic habits.
  • 16.02.2022 The story>>> Video of how Kathy was found

We update the information chronologically↓

03/09/2022 Kathy is in a foster home.

02/22/2022 Kathy’s surgery went through yesterday. The leg was amputated. She is fine. Recovery and antibiotic treatment is forthcoming. She will be spayed and vaccinated. Cathy is loving and social and very calm.

20.02.2022. Unfortunately, Cathy’s leg will not be able to be saved. He has a fractured tibia. At first glance, nothing serious, but no one helped her. She dragged on like this for about 4 months before they asked us for help. Unfortunately, despite our wishes, the leg will not be able to be saved and amputation is imminent. There is a huge skin defect, very infected and contracted. The leg is neurologically damaged, the blood supply is stopped and there is no innervation. The leg will be amputated high above through the hip itself. The good thing is that she is young and light and will lead a full life on three legs. She will adapt quickly and will not even remember the months of pain. Until this happens, time will pass in which she will rely entirely on your support, with Gratitude. Donations to Cathy Foster Care: Contacts