RIP Пати- помогни за изплащането на задълженията

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Пати беше с травма на гръбнака, но за съжаление не успяхме да я спасим, въпреки всички усилия.

Сумата за лечението на Пати от постъпването в клиниката на 08.08.до 08.09.23 е в размер на 4071 лв. Благодарение на Вашите дарения бяха събрани общо: 3 381 лв. Остават неплатени: 689 лева. Пати си отиде, но ние трябва да изплатим задълженията си към клиниката и ще сме благодарни, ако ни помогнете. Ако не се съберат, ще трябва да използваме от средствата за нуждите на другите животни.

Вижте по- долу цялата история на Пати.



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Donation Total: 100 лв.

  • Name : Patty
  • Gender: female
  • Breed : mix
  • Age : 2 months
  • Medical Status : Current. He does not move his hind limbs, his mental status is good, he eats, he is lively, but he cannot urinate on his own, he has deep sensitivity, but no prorioreception, and some reflexes in his hind limbs. For the moment, the diagnosis is – spinal trauma, because there are no fractures.
  • The Story: Injured trying to get in through a scissor-open window – a dangerous plot for any cat, whether entering or exiting. The window literally breaks the fragile body of the little stray duckling who wants to enter someone’s home looking for food, love or just caress… and instead, gets more pain…VIDEO
  • Looking for a home and home and support for treatment
  • If you would like to adopt Patti, fill out the form prospective adopter questionnaire↓


Patty is doing well, stools are still softer, only temperature is maintained, and hematocrit is rising from the blood transfusion. It’s the best< that he is already moving his tail quite energetically, we are moving it and I hope that we will soon have success with the limbs as well.

Dr. Patricia Todorova – CEC – Sofia