Помогни на Катеран 08.2023

10 лв. of 150 лв. raised

Понякога задомяването е толкова трудно, а чакането твърде дълго…Такъв е случаят на Катеран, който трябваше да замине в Германия още преди година, но все нещо се проваля. Катеран живее в приемен дом, където вече толкова е свикнал и чувства свой дом. Не знаем кога ще замине и кога ще бъде осиновен, но дотогава е той се нуждае от нашата подкрепа.
Катеран търси подкрепа за грижите 🙏 🐾 (Месечна такса от 150лв/За приемен дом до заминаването си или осиновяването си)

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Donation Total: 100 лв.

Name: Cateran
Gender: male
Breed : Mix
Age : 8 months
Passport, vaccinations, chip : Yes
Castration: Yes
Medical condition : Healthy
Vaccines: Yes
Character: Social, playful and very good

The story : We received a report of a distressed kitten in a high tree, unable to get down and being attacked by crows. The rescue operation was not easy, but it ended successfully and the frightened miscreant was saved, receiving his well-deserved name – Kateran.

Looking for care support : Monthly fee of BGN 150/For a foster home until he leaves for Germany, where he will look for his forever home. Cateran is seeking support for care and transportation there. 🙏 🐾:


Sometimes getting a home is so difficult and waiting too long… Such is the case of Cateran, who was supposed to go to Germany a year ago, but something always fails. Kateran lives in a foster home, where he is already so used to and feels at home. We don’t know when he will leave and when he will be adopted, but until then he needs our support.
Kateran is looking for care support 🙏 🐾


Kateran is in a foster home, where he unexpectedly found a faithful companion 💛 They are already together and will seek their luck together in Germany.
Kateran seeks support for care and transportation. 🙏 🐾


NDK, near the playground, passers-by notice a cat on a tree and gargoyles landing on it, trying to peck it on the back. We carry a transport cage into place while people mobilize and find a ladder. The children named him Kateran.