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FIRE – ADOPTED in France

Fire and Eve

Fire with the boy from his new family

Fire and Zdravko

18.02.23 Happy Fire Day! ADOPTED by a wonderful family in France! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done Eva!

You are a Miracle❤️

  • Name: FIRE
  • Breed: Doberman Pinscher
  • Age: ~ 2 years
  • Size/kg: 26kg / should be around 40kg
  • Medical Condition: Recovers after being found in critical condition, weak and malnourished.
  • Castration : Yes
  • Temperament/behavior: The dog is social and good, but needed work with an adaptation and socialization specialist due to the stress experienced. He shows curiosity about everything new and starts to relax and show himself more and more. Gets used to a home environment, builds habits and quickly adapts to the surrounding environment. After the great progress he made thanks to the professional care at Eva and Zdravko’s foster home, Fire is now ready to meet his adoptive parent.
  • What kind of adopter are you approaching for Fire? Fire needs a Person who has experience, knowledge and is ready to meet his needs to help him live his best life. Fire is a dog that needs attention. He is very friendly with people, he has no problems meeting new people on the street, he is calm and friendly when meeting other dogs. We have not met him with children, we have no information on how he behaves. There is a problem with cats:) or more precisely – he chases them. Walks calmly on occasion, likes walks. Fire has not lived in domestic conditions and everything is new to him. He studies the environment with curiosity. He is very smart and easy to follow, but still needs to learn basic commands. It is suitable for one person or a couple who live in a larger space / apartment or house. When he gets enough attention he is very obedient. He doesn’t like to be alone. Fire is a wonderful dog, but prospective adopters should be very patient and take more time while he adjusts to his new lifestyle.
  • The Story: Fire is a victim of inhumane pet farming. Another case of a purchased purebred dog, raised in terrible conditions. He was kept in a cage for three months without access to sunlight. The dog is about 2 years old and was found in critical condition. Weak, trembling and barely moving. The story is terrible. Two girls did the impossible to save him from his owner, who happily gave Fire a written refusal. We can’t share more with you because unfortunately there is another dog (Fire’s brother) that we have to protect until we find a way to help. A report has been filed, the procedure is ongoing.
  • UPDATE 29.01.2022ℹ️ News about Baron (Fire’s brother):
    We want to let you know that we are following up on Baron’s case. He was admitted for treatment and his condition is now much better. Necessary care is being taken until his full recovery. At the moment, no adopter is being sought, everything is fine, we hope it goes smoothly and we have more good news soon.