Friends, it is with great sadness that we write this post… We wish that it is not sad, but gives us comfort and inspires hope… To our great regret, the kitten Dusty went over the rainbow, quietly and meekly left this world. Kidney failure was the last obstacle in his path, and fighting this medical condition is often, if not always, unequal.

Since October, Dusty has been in a foster home with Kichka – Vicky’s mother, who some time ago was a foster rescuer for kitten Kolyo. In those few months in the company of the lady who opened her home and heart to him, Dusty seemed to blossom and transform from a scared and timid street cat into a loving house cat without reservation. Words cannot express our gratitude to Vicki and her mother for what they did for an unwanted, neglected and sick cat and we believe Dusty felt their love. From them we know that his favorite pastime was lounging on the cupboard on the terrace, where the sun’s rays warmed his feline heart.

So, our consolation is that another innocent being was able to feel what it is to have a homely and peaceful life, with nice people by your side. And our hope – that others would follow the good example to help an animal in need.

Rest in peace sweet boy. The sun will shine for you🙏🤍🐱

  • Name : Dusty
  • Gender: Male
  • Castration: yes
  • Age: About 7 years old, but possibly much younger.
  • Character: meek, calm.
  • Medical condition: With feline AIDS (not dangerous to humans or dogs).
  • Is Dusty right for you? Dusty is an extremely calm, slightly apathetic and very beautiful cat. It can be a pleasant companion without bothering you and drawing attention to itself. He will stay meekly next to you, and when you stroke him he will purr contentedly:) It is not recommended to live with other cats, unless they are also AIDS carriers. It is necessary to conduct periodical control examinations of the gums, diseased teeth are extracted. On 31.08, an 84-day treatment with the drug GS against FIP ​​ended. The general condition should be observed 84 days after.
  • The story: A stray cat found in a miserable state.


Dusty’s surgery went through. All of Dusty’s teeth have been pulled out and he’s pain free! He even has a big appetite and eats with pleasure. On 23.01 there is a control examination. Dusty is still looking for adopters.


Dusty was taken in for a check-up by his foster owners. His blood work isn’t perfect, but that’s to be expected since he’s a feline AIDS carrier. And while some cats can live many years with AIDS without a problem, our boy also overcame FIP and now struggles with the effects of immunodeficiency. Dusty’s teeth and mouth have become inflamed again and the few remaining teeth have to be extracted. There are many sores in the mouth,
which prevent him from eating – that’s why he was given an antibiotic with a depot effect of 14 days. The medicine will reduce the pain and calm the overall condition of the mouth, so that after the New Year the operation can be done.

Along with this, Dusty also gets sores on his paws – again a consequence of feline AIDS. The wounds have been cleaned and treated and will soon heal.

All these cares will cost a lot of money, so we ask for your help.