• Name : Kotyo
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed : mix
  • Age : ~1 year
  • Size : ~ 4kg
  • Passport, vaccinations, chip : To come
  • Castration: forthcoming
  • Medical condition : Ongoing treatment at the Center for Disease Control, X-ray, examination and consultation. First results, a broken pelvis and the eventual need to amputate one back leg
  • Personality: Very loving,
  • The story: 17.01.23 A kitten was found in a helpless condition in a parking lot in front of the office of the Bulgarian Red Cross. And while some run over an animal and pass away, others do what they can. The prognosis includes expensive surgery, expensive treatment and an uncertain future – a responsibility for a homeless person that is difficult for anyone to take on. People reluctantly sign consent for euthanasia in case no alternative is found and thus the call for help reached us. It will take quite a bit of money, and most importantly – a foster home where he can strengthen, recover and find out if he will be able to pee and walk on his own, even if he has three legs… We count on your support :
  • LOOKING FOR ADOPTION/PERMANENT HOME and needs support for medical care and treatment at the clinic : You can support online with a donation or on site at the CEC, patient number: 90290


After a nearly two-month stay at the clinic, a miracle happened for Coteau and he went to his forever home ♥
A home that every kitten who has survived severe trauma deserves. Luck smiled on the suffering boy with full force, and his kind character captivated Patricia Todorova, who is part of the team of the Central Vet Clinic CEC❤️🙏
“Kotio is wonderful! I am vaccinating him and we ran a control blood test and everything is normal! He will also have a personal rehabilitator in my person starting tonight” – she shared with us.
It takes a huge heart and even more strength when you face someone else’s pain every day – be it human or animal. And when a story comes full circle with adoption, it becomes truly special.
We thank the people who still did not pass Kotjo in the unfortunate parking lot, we are grateful to the entire team of @centralvetclinicbg CEC for believing in Kotjo and giving him a second life with their professional care. Thank you to all of you, Friends, for the huge support! We thank Patricia, who saw in Kotjo her new faithful companion!


Kotyo is getting better and recovering. Part of the skin necrotizes and a new tissue – granulation tissue – appears under it. There is no change in his general condition, he is eating, alive, urinating and defecating on his own. It’s still too early to say if a skin graft will be necessary, chances are it won’t be. Kitten needs foster care/home/looks for adopter and support: https://strayangels.org/pomogni-na-kotyo/


Kitty is feeling better! He feeds himself, stands up when he goes to the toilet! See VIDEO
For two days Kotjo has been without any catheters, the therapy has been reduced to one pain reliever and one antibiotic every 24 hours, chosen after an antibioticogram. In all likelihood, another skin graft will need to be done at some point, as there are areas with poor blood supply that the body is expected to reject. If luck smiles on Coteau again and he goes to a foster home, he will have to live in a cage for a while longer, but a little peace, petting and home care and he would do well. Medications will be kept to a minimum, possibly one injection once a day – one can easily be trained to administer it at home.
The most valuable help for him right now will be if someone opens their home and accepts him, even as a foster home.
Write to us if you are ready to give him home comfort. While we look for a foster home for Kotyo, he remains an inpatient and will need care support at the clinic: Donate care for Kotyo here: https://strayangels.org/help-to-kotyo/


During a contrast examination, no urethral defect is detected, which is a very optimistic development. The catheter was removed, he was able to urinate on his own – he will be monitored further. After the blood transfusion, Kotjo’s test results gradually returned to normal, he even drank water on his own. He is still anemic, but much better than before the blood transfusion. He continues to be fed by a tube, does not want to eat on his own. He probably feels immense discomfort from everything that is happening to him, and the stress of the experience is also not to be underestimated.
As we mentioned, Coteau also has a serious skin wound that was treated early on. There is very extensive trauma to the subcutaneous connective tissue, that is, Coteau’s skin has come off almost entirely on the right side and therefore cannot heal quickly. The skin was sutured to the subcutaneous tissue with a special suture that would speed up the process. The doctors said that it is rare for such a thing to happen and they believe it was the result of the friction in the car tire when the car ran over him. No evidence of serious infection, which is good. An active drain is placed under vacuum, which helps the skin to heal for the subcutaneous tissue faster.
We are extremely grateful to Dr. Dencheva,
Dr. Shukerova, Dr. Chacheva, Dr. Penchev
and to the entire team of treating doctors who take care of Kotyo around the clock. @centralvetclinicbg


Who was bloodied today. We are grateful to kitten George and his human Martina for responding. Our fighter is progressing well, at the end of the week the skin wound that was sutured on day 1 will need to be re-treated. There is dead tissue from the urine leakage that needs to be removed. Then a catheter will be placed in his bladder to allow the urethra to heal normally. He doesn’t want to feed himself yet, but he is moving in the cage, moving his legs, his blood counts are improving. Catho has to sit for at least 2 weeks with a catheter, but this does not prevent him from being in a foster home. Caring for him requires withdrawing urine through a catheter that is attached to the kitten’s abdomen. Must be confined in a cage until he starts to stand up and get soooo much love.


Coteau has passed the first test, but the fight is just beginning…
The operation performed (20.01.23) was osteosynthesis of the body of the iliac bone with a plate by Dr. Stoyanov. The kitten developed anemia secondary to multiple trauma. There is evidence of a partial rupture of the urethra as it exits the pelvis, it is catheterized to prevent urine from leaking between the muscles and subcutaneously until healing. Koto will be transfused, for a faster recovery, but it takes time…we are waiting.
We don’t know what is yet to come, there are many unknowns, but no matter how long the fight is, we will fight to the end!
It also turned out that Kotjo is a small kitten – the growth areas of the bones are not fused, which means that he is less than a year old…
A beautiful boy who, despite the pain, stretches out his paws with gratitude to you because you gave him a chance to live.
Let’s send forces Coteau: Help
We thank Dr. Stoyanov and the entire team of the Central Veterinary Clinic for the personal and professional attitude towards homeless animals