• Name : Kotyo
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed : mix
  • Age : ~1 year
  • Size : ~ 4kg
  • Passport, vaccinations, chip : To come
  • Castration: forthcoming
  • Medical condition : Ongoing treatment at the Center for Disease Control, X-ray, examination and consultation. First results, a broken pelvis and the eventual need to amputate one back leg
  • Personality: Very loving,
  • The story: 17.01.23 A kitten was found in a helpless condition in a parking lot in front of the office of the Bulgarian Red Cross. And while some run over an animal and pass away, others do what they can. The prognosis includes expensive surgery, expensive treatment and an uncertain future – a responsibility for a homeless person that is difficult for anyone to take on. People reluctantly sign consent for euthanasia in case no alternative is found and thus the call for help reached us. It will take quite a bit of money, and most importantly – a foster home where he can strengthen, recover and find out if he will be able to pee and walk on his own, even if he has three legs… We count on your support :
  • LOOKING FOR ADOPTION/PERMANENT HOME and needs support for medical care and treatment at the clinic : You can support online with a donation or on site at the CEC, patient number: 90290


After a nearly two-month stay at the clinic, a miracle happened for Coteau and he went to his forever home ♥
A home that every kitten who has survived severe trauma deserves. Luck smiled on the suffering boy with full force, and his kind character captivated Patricia Todorova, who is part of the team of the Central Vet Clinic CEC❤️🙏
“Kotio is wonderful! I am vaccinating him and we ran a control blood test and everything is normal! He will also have a personal rehabilitator in my person starting tonight” – she shared with us.
It takes a huge heart and even more strength when you face someone else’s pain every day – be it human or animal. And when a story comes full circle with adoption, it becomes truly special.
We thank the people who still did not pass Kotjo in the unfortunate parking lot, we are grateful to the entire team of @centralvetclinicbg CEC for believing in Kotjo and giving him a second life with their professional care. Thank you to all of you, Friends, for the huge support! We thank Patricia, who saw in Kotjo her new faithful companion!


Kotyo is getting better and r