• Name: Cinnamon
  • Age: 1.5 - 2 months
  • Medical condition: Current treatment for feline corona virus. He eats himself.
  • Castration: forthcoming
  • Character: Social, curious, cuddly, playful. In the process of building hygiene habits, but once again understood what the cat litter is for.
  • The story: We found Canela around midnight huddled on the sidewalk next to a large Sofia boulevard. The people at the club nearby said she showed up 2-3 days ago, alone, no mother cat, no brothers/sisters. Traffic, passing dogs and unfriendly people were a serious risk factor.
  • Seeking treatment support and foster/adoptive homes.


Post-treatment control test for Canella corona was negative. She is healthy, eating and gaining weight. At the same time, more good news happened - Kanela was lucky and found her man, she was adopted here in Bulgaria.


The little one is lively, she has not vomited anymore, and the diarrhea also seems to be going away. She will be put on medication until Saturday 16.07 inclusive, and on Monday 18.07 she will be given another corona test - to see if she is still emitting the virus or if she is clean. With good progress, he will be able to leave the clinic next week.


Late in the evening of the previous day, we met a small ball of fluff next to a busy metropolitan boulevard. As we approached, it stirred and showed interest. The ball turned out to be a baby kitten, and after talking to the people around, it became clear that it had been appearing there for the past 2-3 evenings. There are no other babies around, and no mother cat.

We named her Cinnamon. At night she used the cat toilet - unfortunately she has diarrhea and vomiting. In the morning, he entered the clinic for an examination - purring, cuddling, playing. The result for corona virus is positive and treatment is prescribed. Will be watching over the next few days to see if he fights back.