• Name: Chance
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Mix
  • Age: ~ 2 years
  • Size: 20 kg
  • Passport, passport, chip: Yes
  • Castration: Yes
  • Medical Condition: Chance is healthy but cannot fully extend his hind legs. This does not prevent him from leading a full life. Treatment completed: Two hind limbs operated on, with knee implants placed. Chance could not step on his hind legs. He had severe bone deformities, congenital 4-degree luxation, degenerative changes on the kneecaps, contracture and shortening of the muscles, the result of poor upbringing. He underwent several staged operations on both limbs, rehabilitation.
  • Personality: Social, very affectionate, of course with other animals. It has hygienic habits, it is suitable for growing in an apartment and a house with a fenced yard, where it can be released freely. Goes to an occasion calmly, loves walks. A wonderful pet.
  • Looking for a home: He is currently placed in a voluntary foster home, where his guardian takes care of him until an adopter is found.
  • History : 01.03.2022 Grown in extremely harsh conditions on a chain. After a report was made, it was confiscated from its “owners” by procedure from a municipal shelter and taken over by Stray Angels, who organized a donation campaign for treatment. With the help of the Donors, the funds for the surgeries were raised and the dog was operated on by Dr. Zlatinov.



Chance’s second surgery was a success. Chance now has platinum kneecaps on both hind legs. Rehabilitation is very important for his optimal recovery and for this he still needs support.

Thank you to each of you who have helped and continue to help Chance.


Chance sends you love and gratitude
The brave boy is recovering more slowly, but well after the first operation. He is no longer afraid of what he has experienced, calmly communicates with his friends and caresses with confidence in human hands. Soon there will be an examination and a date will be set for the operation of the second leg, which is also expected to be quite complicated, but we believe that Dr. Vladi Zlatinov will do more than possible.


Chance’s surgery went well, but it was far from easy. It took about three hours and included a corrective osteotomy of the femur (with double shortening), one of the tibia and placement of an artificial joint surface. The latest technique uses a special high-tech PGR implant coated with a smooth diamond coating. As expected some of the soft tissues were severely shortened (contracted) which made placing the knee cap in the correct position very difficult or even borderline impossible. Still, the end result was good. After the successful correction of the mechanical distortion of the bones, serious post-operative physical therapy will be necessary to allow movement of the chronically immobilized joints. But everything in its time. At the moment, the most important thing is the post-operative anesthesia and care of the general condition, so that Chance can recover after this difficult operation.

Dr. Zlatinov and the Bulvet team