Let's TOGETHER help more Homeless Angels. We save animals with your support and rely on foster care.

Stray Angels Bulgaria does not have a shelter.


Campaign for animals in villages


The campaign is to help elderly people in need who live in remote or deserted villages and are unable to take any care of the animals, except to feed them with what they have (bread and bran). In such type of settlements, most of the animals are boasted and retarded. The survivors breed, starve, get

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Paw in hand instead of flowers


"I have a holiday and instead of receiving flowers, I want to donate to animals in need". The flowers delight us when they are alive, but when plucked they live only two or three days. Let us have beautiful hearts and give life to those in need instead of buying flowers. Share your holiday with

Paw in hand instead of flowers2023-08-30T12:56:37+02:00