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Angels in heaven



Name : Patty Gender: female Breed : mix Age : 2 months Medical Status : Current. He does not move his hind limbs, his mental status is good, he eats, he is lively, but he cannot urinate on his own, he has deep sensitivity, but no prorioreception, and

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08.10.2022 Kiara is an Angel in Heaven. Rest in peace sweet KiaraYour paws will forever leave a mark on our hearts We lost Kiara to a serious complication of severe brachycephalic syndrome. This is a congenital pathology of the upper respiratory tract, which makes it difficult for them to pass. It is common in

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12.06.23 Friends, it is with great sadness that we write this post... We wish that it is not sad, but gives us comfort and inspires hope... To our great regret, the kitten Dusty went over the rainbow, quietly and meekly left this world. Kidney failure was the last obstacle

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Name: Betty Breed: Mix Age: ~1.5 years Medical condition: Dewormed internally and externally. All tests are negative. He has an inflammation of the eye and is under ongoing treatment. Vaccine, passport - to come Castrated. Personality: She was probably domestic because she is very kind and social. Purring and caressing in caressing human

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18.03. Ronnie left. Rest in peace sweet boy🙏 Име: РОНИ Порода: ягдтериер Възраст: ~10г Ваксини, кастрация: Да Характер: Социален, много мил и любвеобвилен 17.03.2022 Our Ronnie, who was supposed to be adopted in Germany, is back at the clinic. He went into shock and was taken for diagnosis and treatment to the

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We are looking for a temporary/permanent home for Koledarchetto-Hari! That's how it lay on the road. He greeted me with a wagging tail... He was very hungry. I fed him. I was happy and at the same time surprised that it looked very good compared to the other dogs there..(Campaign to help animals in the

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RIP Grandpa Archie


  R.IP He was left to die in a place without a living soul. High in the mountains tied to a tree....Lying motionless...We were out walking our dogs. They brought him closer, and he barely raised his head.....He had surrendered. See how we found Grandpa Archie.. This is where Grandpa Archie was found Help Grandpa

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RIP Will-Will


Looking for home! Name: Will/Spike Breed: German Shepherd Age: 4 years Personality: Good friend. Seeks attention and caress. He doesn’t like many other dogs, but he reacts selectively. Loves to communicate and play with people. Features : Will has three limbs. Rear right leg amputated. Video of how Will moves, see here WE ARE LOOKING

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RIP Justin


[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Slider_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] 14.08.2018 JUSTIN TRAVELS TO HIS HOME IN ENGLAND! These moments are the hardest and at the same time the most, the most long-awaited! Justy is leaving us and his foster family who took care of him for 6 months. Parting is hard, tears are in our eyes… Justy and I went through a

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RIP Rambo


Rambo is Looking for a Home! Foundation Information: ☎️ 0884 000 539 [email protected] See his story and what he needs here: https://www.facebook.com/ 1691719354398445/photos/ ?tab=album&album_id=1904218 016481910        

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