19.03.2022 With great excitement, tears of joy and endless Gratitude, we share the news – Bullet has been adopted by his foster parents! Their care, dedication and love are the medicine that cured Bullet. After 2 months, 24/7 care, check-ups, feeding through a tube, from the first attempt to swallow a bite, until today, when the splint is already removed and he is feeding himself!…These people did the Miracle! Love overcame The bullet of human cruelty is now forgotten. Bullet is now called Jackie, has a boyfriend to cuddle with on the sofa and the most loving family who can’t imagine life without him! We wish them countless smiles and unforgettable adventures together!

A bullet was found shot. His jaw was shattered into pieces. He couldn’t open his mouth. After several complex and difficult operations, doctors managed to restore the jaw. We thank Dr. Voichev and the entire team of “Multi-Profile Vet. Clinic” for their professionalism and personal attitude towards our homeless angels!

  • Name: Bullet
  • Age: 3 years
  • Size: small /10kg
  • Medical status: 02/01/2022, Hospitalized. Surgery and treatment to come.
  • The Story: Bullet is a victim of human cruelty. He was shot in the lower jaw and part of it is missing. He does not close his mouth, does not eat, does not drink water. A probe is inserted until the necessary tests are done for the upcoming operation. A long postoperative treatment, placement of external fixators, is ahead. rehabilitation and restorative process.
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We update the information chronologically↓

02/21/2022 Miracles happen, and you helped them happen again! Bullet found a foster home! He will be cared for by wonderful people with huge hearts, and our boy will continue his recovery in a real home, not a cage. This is the most valuable care for which we are infinitely grateful to the foster parents! While they are caring for Bullet, we continue to look for a permanent home and financial support for the upcoming manipulations and interventions that he will need. Thank you all for your support !

04.02.2022. Bullet’s surgery is over. Doctors have removed the bullet. They placed an external fixation/that is, a frame with which they assembled the lower jaw. Everything is in pieces and the worst part is that there is an impaired blood supply. The entire area is infected. This tissue may become necrotic and will then need to be removed. We pray that this does not happen to save the mouth and Bullet leads a normal life.

02/08/2022. Our calm and kind boy…Beared everything stoically without aggression or protest. And now he lies down and endures everything. It’s like nothing hurts him. He likes to be petted. He closes his little eyes and looks for warmth and peace. And when I stop petting him, he just turns to the wall and curls up like a cow in his loneliness… The doctors said he can go to a nursing home home. If we find one…He’s so good and obedient, he doesn’t cause any problems. It needs feeding through the tube, cleaning of the fixtures and good hygiene. It should be taken periodically for control examinations. We are looking for a foster home to take care of Bullet until he recovers and finds a real home. If we