15.12.2023. ADOPTED

The handsome Krassy with the sad past is now the happy Krassy with the bright future! We are beyond excited to share that the boy has been adopted! Krasimira and her family gave Krasi his dream home, and he thanked them with instant love! We wish them long and wonderful years together!

  • Name : Krasi
  • Gender: Male
  • Age : 1 year
  • Castration : Yes
  • Passport/chip/vaccine: Yes
  • Medical condition: Krasi is diagnosed with: meningitis. He was admitted in a very serious condition, after surgery – castration from Ecobalance. The dog had a neurological clinic (tremor) on the hind limbs and had difficulty standing up. After the prescribed therapy, the dog improved significantly, still has a slight tremor on the hind leg, but feels good – runs, plays and leads a full life,
  • Character: Social, very kind, of course with other animals.
  • The story/1.10.23: Found in Krasno selo district: See here: VIDEO
  • Looking for foster/permanent home. If you would like to adopt Krasi or be his foster parent, fill out this form and we will contact you : Questionnaire for prospective adopter of a stray animal


The full Laboklin result came in and we have a diagnosis of steroid sensitive meningitis which means starting a regimen of steroids for at least a month. We are monitoring if he will have seizures, so far he hasn’t. Krasi feels very well, eats, moves, stands up on his own, tremors are reduced, goes for walks. He does not need special care, he stands up on his own and walks without assistance. Therapy – prednisolone, cognivan and tromcardin and steroids. Because the diagnosis is steroid-responsive meningitis. The therapy will be about 20 days, depending on the symptoms, the dose will be reduced and it should be monitored by stopping whether there will be tremors.

The causes of SRMA are not fully understood, but a reaction of the immune system (autoimmune reaction) has been established. The result of its activity is a strong inflammation of the blood vessels in the vicinity of the brain (inflammation of the meninges). The immune system begins to attack its own cells. Signs of SRMA include mainly neurological manifestations (unwillingness or inability to stand up and walk, muscle weakness in all 4 limbs, tremors and shaking, seizures, profuse salivation, etc.) Sometimes moderate to high fever, vomiting, refusal of food and general weakness. Symptoms may progress over time. With timely treatment, dogs can continue to live normal lives. About %-15% of them may relapse despite corticosteroid therapy.


On Krasi dog part of the panel in laboklin is ready, everything is negative including the Ghana. The scanner was looked at again and we have no finding there, so he can be discharged from the clinic. There is a vaccine from eco balance, castration and chip.

Looking for a foster/permanent home for Krasi: Questionnaire for prospective adopter of a stray animal